Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fragments

We spent last weekend at the lake with the Miller family. Tyler became friends with David, and then Andrew, back when they were students at Purdue. Tyler was in both of their weddings, and they were both in his. Last summer, we held the inaugural weekend with both families gathering at the lake for fun, food, and fellowship. It was so well-received, that, after many, many attempts at finding a date (thanks, David!), we did it again. Tyler's parents, 2 brothers, spouses, and baby joined our group for a crazy crowd of family, friends, and floating on Sweetwater. I will admit to being a total photo-taking slacker, but I did get a chance to spend some time in the water enjoying one of the first really summer-like weekends of 2014. :)

Tyler's mom, Kelli took this one of (some of) the group gathered around the water mat.
I did take this one of Noah and his buddy George having some breakfast.

For Christmas, Adam and Courtney gave our whole family 'Team Sweetwater' tank tops with carefully thought-out nicknames printed on the back. The back also has a number, which signifies in what order we joined the Stewart family. Pretty cute. And clever. (I was a little miffed that Jim got to be #1, and I had to be #2, but it was technically correct.)
Last weekend was the first time all of us were actually able to be at the lake at the same time, and I was determined to get a photo. I pictured us all sitting on the dock, arm in arm, water behind us, sun shining,  and faces smiling. Unfortunately, by the time we were all ready for the photo, the rain was falling, the wind was blowing, and we were indoors instead of out. I'll take it. :)

The front view...
the silly view...
and the back view. In number order. The burning question, of course, is "where's number 12?"
Nicknames are, in order: JimPa, StewMama, Dr. "D", The Cow Whisperer, Photo Jen-ic, Jon (Golfs) Daly, Captain Morgan Adam, Shy So Fly, Pastry Princess, Mr. Fancy Pants, and Teach. #wheres#12? #lookinfor#12.

The rest of my week was spent with this little guy, who had his one-year checkup at the doctor. I tagged along, since his pediatrician was one of the team members on my last trip to Haiti. It was good to see Dr. Scott. And good to hear that Noah is healthy and happy.
After the appointment, Jennifer was off to a meeting at JVC, so I took Noah to lunch. I thought he deserved a chocolate chip cookie after all those shots!
We did a little shopping,
and headed back to the house to continue boxing and packing. And boxing and packing.
One last bottle in his cute nursery before moving into temporary housing in the apartment above the vet clinic.
Where's everybody going, Granny?
The good news is that they were starting to pour concrete at the new home site. Please pray for their closing, for the building, and for a stress free transition for Bryan, Jennifer, and Noah.
A sweet smile after a long day...
and dinner at B-dubs to finish it off. Look at that little Sauce Boss. :) I am thankful to Jonathan for coming to help with the moving. Kind of a Golden Rule of helping one another. You may be the next one needing assistance. :) There's lots of moving going on in this family right now.
A beautiful sunrise over the farm to finish off a busy, beautiful week. God bless us, every one!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Year Old

Happy Birthday today to little Noah James! (Or #noahjames, as he is affectionately known. Lol.) One year old! And what a fun year it has been! As a Granny, I know that the days are sometimes long, but the years are short.
May God bless little Noah all the days of his life.

Be strong and courageous. 
Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, 
for the LORD your God goes with you; 
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I See A Birthday Boy

On Sunday, we were blessed to celebrate the birthday of our soon-to-be one-year-old grandson, Noah. He will technically be one on Thursday, but we partied a bit early so that he could be surrounded by love from around 30 friends and family members. He is a blessed little boy!

His mom and dad had prepared a perfect party, with decorations, food, and favors for all.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?
I see a Birthday Boy looking at me!
Jennifer worked hard on the chalkboard full of stats and events from his first year. So cute!
There was a cake for the guests...
and a smash cake just for Noah.
Treat cups too!
And fruit kabobs.

Noah even cooperated by sitting still long enough for a photo beside the chalkboard.
One-year-olds don't stay still for long!
Aunt Darci made some fancy cookies with all the animals from the story. Cute and delicious!
We played in Noah's room before things got started, and Ella shared a smile from her spot on my lap.
Yay! It's party time!
Haleigh and Ella were so excited to see Baby Noah eat his birthday cake.
Two cousins named Ella, and Haleigh say, "bring on the cake!"

Happy Birthday, dear Noah, Happy Birthday to you!
I know I have way too many photos of the cake-eating, but I especially love the faces of the girls as they watched him dig in. :)

Where have you guys been keeping this stuff?

Try this, Mommy.
And just for fun, here are a couple photos of his mommy on her first birthday.

After the party, we got busy and loaded up all the furniture since Bryan and Jennifer have sold their house and will be living in a small apartment while their new house is being built. Come for the party, stay for the fun! Or something like that.
While we were loading things to head home, this little guy decided to crawl right out the front door. One-year-olds are so independent!
Happy, happy birthday dear sweet Noah!
Your Granny loves you!