Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Our Thanksgiving was celebrated over several days, with two big meals, lots of family, and priceless memories.

Thursday began with anticipation of the Saints playing a Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys. America's Team vs. the team formerly known as America's Team.

I used a couple of bunches of Wal-Mart flowers to decorate the table.

I purchased the pot at the Hoosier Horse Fair last spring. It is called raku pottery, and is made using horsehair by ceramic artist Martin Price of Randolph County, Indiana. I love the pot, and thought it worked especially well for my arrangement of fall flowers.

In honor of the Saints game, I made Fleur de Lis cookies, and Jennifer and Bryan decorated them.

Geaux Saints!

They exercised their creativity in the process.

Matthew especially liked the smiley face fleur de lis.


good cookie!

Haleigh was happy just to watch,

even though she didn't get a cookie.

Andrew made time for a little hair cutting.

Lookin' good.

Sunday dinner and the kitchen crew.

And the dining room group.

Happy Baby Girl.

We celebrated David's birthday with the famous chocolate chip cake.

Matthew helped with the candles.

Shylah helped Haleigh ask for a bite of sugar cream pie.

Her daddy shared...

and she liked it! But of course she did. : )

We finished the night with a game of Apples to Apples.

Sam and Gumbo enjoyed the game.

It was a great game, and a great weekend. A full house makes a mama's heart full. So blessed.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Last Tailgate

The last tailgate of the season was a special one because we had David and Shylah here from North Carolina. Since they had to make up for lost time, they wanted us to be there at 8 AM! We made it by about 8:30 with Adam and a stop to pick up Jennifer in Zionsville.

We were so happy to see them!

Jennifer and Adam share the love.

And I even got in a picture with them. I love my kids!

Matthew was there, and look who else? Our favorite Hawkeye fan, Tyler. So good to see him too, all the way from Minnesota!

Adam, Andrew, and David share some brotherly love.

Matthew enjoys a pancake.

Making some silly faces.

Aunt Fer and Matthew.

Dr. McMillin stopped by to see David and Shylah and talk a little chemistry.

Jennifer and Matthew taking a selfie.

Drew and Tyler.

Some of Adam's friends stopped by too. Emily and Aaron.

George and Jay. Never mind the shirts.

Darci and Andrew.

Tyler and Jennifer.

The IU and PU presidents pose with the bucket. Unfortunately, that was as close to it as Purdue would get this year.

David and Shylah, happy to be back in Ross-Ade. And you can just get a peek at Mackey Arena between them.

Taylor Stubblefield was back in the house to lead the crowd in "Shout!"

The players were really into the spirit of Shout. I guess it was the last chance for the seniors to enjoy that almost-famous tradition.

This guy may have a potential career as a dancer.

Good thing they had their fun, since the end of the game didn't exactly go our way.

The scoreboard at the end of regulation. The overtime was pretty much a summary of the season and Purdue came up short once again. We look forward to next season, and the opportunity to share the fun of football with family and friends.