Saturday, December 8, 2012

Of Trees and Trains

Today we made our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm to cut down select our Christmas tree. We used to cut one down, but for the past few years we have opted to be lazy go with one of the carefully selected pre-cut trees available at the farm.
With rain in the forecast for most of the weekend, we decided to take advantage of a break in the weather, even though the sky was still cloudy. There were others there with the same idea.
It has been a busy week at our house, with Haleigh and Ella with us for three days while their dad and mom were on a business/shopping trip. :) We had a great time, despite the fact that Ella had a bit of a stomach bug, which she shared. :) Jim was one of today's unlucky recipients, and since I was feeling better, I got to handle Christmas tree duty.
Fortunately, I had two willing (and cute) helpers to make the job easier. :) They selected a tree, and even posed for a picture in front of it.
Then it was time to get it ready to take home. First, they put it on the shaker.
Then they measure it, and we decide how much to take off to make it the right height for our living room.
Haleigh and Matthew supervised the cutting.
Haleigh was checking out the wagon on the way to the tree field. That looks like fun!
Matthew made sure the tree was straight before they drilled it for our tree stand.
And when I asked for one more picture, this is what I got. :)
Haleigh was pleased with her candy cane.
And this is how she looked at the end of the 20-minute ride home. Christmas tree shopping wears a girl out!
Jim got himself up long enough to help get the tree in the house. Matthew helped him get in onto the stand. The stand has a spike that fits into the freshly drilled hole in the trunk of the tree. Always straight, always steady, and it turns easily to show the best side of the tree. Best. Stand. Ever.
In they go.
And here's the tree ready for lights and decorations. I'll have to post an 'after' picture when it is all decorated.
A little later, we went to an electric train display at one of the churches in town. Haleigh liked the trains with various characters aboard.
Matthew was interested in the sleeker, faster trains.
He pointed out this car, bound for New Orleans. He knew I would like it.
There it goes, Granny.
Santa was also there, and Haleigh went over to say hello. She wasn't too sure about him at first...
but was happy to have a candy cane and join him in a quick round of 'Jingle Bells.'
Merry Christmas, Santa!

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