Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl, Jennifer. Little sister to David and Andrew, and ultimately, the girl in the middle. Little sis to two bigs and big sis to two littles. A rose between thorns. :)
She was, teased, protected, chased, dared, raced, bossed, taught, coached, guided, tormented, respected and loved by her brotherly fan club.
From her brothers (or maybe because of them), she learned to be tough, fair, good hearted, even tempered, a good sport, a fierce competitor, a sister, and a friend. Our little missy.

Now, she's a wife and a mother, learning about all the things that fill a heart with love overflowing.
Like a little guy who is soon to be a Big Brother...
to his own Little Sister!
Happy Birthday, Jennifer!
I love you!

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Terri D said...

A post full of love!! Great photos!