Monday, November 9, 2015

Ode to the Tailgate

On Saturday past, we were again on our way
To watch our beloved Boilers play.

After last week's win in the rain and the cold,
We had sunshine and hope for our dear black and gold.

Here come the Boilers, through the tunnel of cheer,
With the Extra Special signal that game time is near.

But before the game started, there was breakfast to eat,
And these two cute cousins, a first time to meet.

The girls looking good in Purdue gold and black
Were hoping our team would continue on track.

Andrew and Darci, and Matthew too,
Were part of the tunnel for the team to run through.

But first, a few photos of field-level fun,
With the press box behind them, and grateful for sun.

All smiles in the end zone, where touchdowns do score.
We wish that our Boilers had gotten there more.

Then Matthew was in for a really great treat
When he met up with Boiler mascot Purdue Pete.

The band was by far the best part of the game,
And the marching alumni made me happy I came.

There were fireworks and flags as a tribute to one
Whose 43 years of announcing were done.

Back at the tailgate (we couldn't watch more),
Cousin Arden had a sweet babe to adore.

We also had cheering, though not for the team,
But little girls and pom poms are a thing, it would seem.

Great memories were made, and we had lots of fun.
We won't worry (much) that the other team won.

Buddies Matthew and Harper had some football to play,
Here's hoping that they will be Boilers one day.
We share one last thought, when the car's packed up tight,
Happy tailgate to all, and a Boiler good night!

*thanks to Darci for most of the photos

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Terri D said...

Love your poetry and all the fun you shared. It really isn't about winning or losing, it's about camaraderie and family and shared experiences! Thanks for letting us participate through your blog!