Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We spent a fun weekend in Nashville celebrating the bride-to-be, who will become Adam's WIFE in 18 days!! 18 days?? Oh my!! It was so nice to be included, along with Courtney's mom and her aunts. I think it was my first bachelorette party. We didn't have them back in the olden days.

Friday was sunny as we headed south, and we were hoping the weather would be a bit warmer once we reached Tennessee.
We enjoyed our first dinner together at Party Fowl.
Courtney got to spin the big wheel to select her complimentary bride-to-be shot.
Here she goes!
I ordered gumbo, along with a hot chicken po' boy, and boy was it HOT! I mean so hot my eyes were watering and my lips were burning. How hot was it?? SO HOT that it set off the fire alarm and the fire truck came. Not even kidding!
Of course, there was discussion of this dress, because, well the whole wide world wide web was buzzing about the color of this dress. Gold and white or blue and black? Which one is it?
My girls, all ready for a Nashville night. (We missed Jennifer, who is a little too close to her due date to be making a trip to Nashville.)
The old folks went back to the hotel early, but I was alerted via Twitter that Courtney and the girls were coming for snacks at 3 am. Because everyone needs a little chicken salad at 3 am, right? They put a pretty good dent in the food I brought, and everyone was safely in bed after that.
In the morning, Shylah served up mimosas.
I like this photo and the quote with the girls and their mimosas. :)

Next up, was the Saturday afternoon tour on the Sprocket Rocket. Darci brought this yummy punch to take along.
The Sprocket Rocket is a pedal-powered vehicle that takes groups on tours of downtown Nashville.
We bring along our own snacks and beverages, and there is a driver and a hostess to guide us on our trip around town. Here we are all ready for some fun.

Darci, Shylah, and Courtney ready to go.
Meghan, our hostess, not only served our snacks and beverages, she also took pictures.
And so did I, of course. Paparazzi!!
Most of the Sprocket Rocket photos were taken by Meghan, though, which was a really nice service. That way I could relax and enjoy the ride!
Courtney's mom did some pedaling, but I was happy to find a spot on the bench in the back.
Emily, Megan, and Erin.
Megan and the bride.
The Sprocket Rocket had music on board, and Meghan, our hostess was dancing along for the ride.
We enjoyed Darci's punch as we pedaled along the streets of Nashville.

Chellsey and Morgan.
Aunt Lisa and Aunt Brenda raising the roof.

Bride-to-be and future MIL.
Courtney, Britney, and Darci.
Aunt Brenda and cousins Whitney and Lauren. Whitney is a biker, so when they offered a helmet, she accepted. The rest of us declined.
Megan, Courtney, and Britney.
Aunt Lisa and Aunt Brenda.
Hello, Erin!
Whitney and Courtney.
This building is Acme Feed & Seed, which now houses cocktail, culinary, and entertainment space. Our tour made a stop here for a potty break and the girls introduced me to a white gummy bear.
Here's to the bride-to-be!
Nashville is located on the Cumberland River, and Titans Stadium, LP Field sits right on the riverbank. I can always appreciate a football stadium, but it's no Superdome. :)

We posed for a photo in front of the river.
And another in front of the Sprocket Rocket with our driver, TJ.

And a silly one. :)
The weather was just about perfect, and it was really fun for all! Especially for those of us who managed to get out of pedaling! Lol.

Before heading out on Saturday evening, we gave Courtney some fun and fancy essentials for a bride-to-be.
Like flannel, from the MIL, of course. :)
We had little party bags, which were assembled by maid-of-honor, Chellsey. We even had tattoos.
Courtney and her lovelies ready for another night on the town. Aren't they pretty?
Courtney with her mom and sister.
With future MIL and SILs.
And with her mom, sister, aunts, and cousins.
After dinner at Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant, we headed to Layla's for some music.
And we even met up with TJ, our driver from the Sprocket Rocket. What a coincidence! (As well as a couple of photo bombers in back.)
Here's to the bride!
We moved to The Stage, where we met some nice folks, a rude chick, and a creepy dude.
And Courtney and her aunts did a little singing on stage.
This time, when the last group came in, instead of waking me for chicken salad, they were given leftover pizza by the guy at the front desk. And nothing tastes better at 3 am than leftover pizza. (Especially if it meant I could continue my pleasant slumber.) I believe a good time was had by all.
The skies were gray as we journeyed home, and we knew there was snow ahead. We crossed the bridge safely back home again into Indiana.
And then this happened. 


Joyce said...

Oooh, too bad about the ticket : ( but looks like a fun weekend!

Terri D said...

What a fun weekend!! You got some great photos! Too bad about the ticket...bummer, big time! I've never been to Nashville. Looks like a fun place and the Sprocket Rocket is a great idea someone had! Thanks for sharing the fun!

Linda Kay said...

So much fun for you to be included. Here in Fredericksburg we have the wine tours, and it seems to be a big attraction for bachelorette parties. Limos take all the girls around to the wineries, shopping, etc. You will see the parties in restaurants, etc., and they are having a great your party did as well.