Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our Newest Little Blessing

Our little Piper Jayne is five days old today, and I have a few more photos to share to celebrate her arrival. To recap her birth story from my perspective, I had been in bed for a couple hours on Sunday night without falling asleep, so I got up and took an Advil PM. A short time later, I was slumbering peacefully when I was awakened by a phone call from Jennifer saying that labor had started. I arrived at their house about 3 a.m., and they left for the hospital around 5 a.m.

I was at the house with this guy when he woke up in the morning. We put on his 'Big Brother' shirt, but he had no idea about the changes this day would bring to his little life. Good changes, of course, but changes nonetheless. :)
And before long, we received a happy text message that a healthy baby girl had arrived! A short time later, we learned that her name was Piper Jayne. As quickly as I could, I got Noah settled with Grandpa and high-tailed it to the hospital to meet her.
I got to watch her first bath, and her first hair combing. And she has hair!
Soon, the sweet nurse (who was also in attendance at Noah's birth) got her all hatted and swaddled, and gave Granny a chance to hold her.

Bryan's parents were next to arrive, and the visitors kept on coming.
Courtney was able to call for a sub so she could leave her class and come meet Piper. Then she was so sweet to go stay with Noah for the afternoon...
so Grandpa could come.
Ella and her family came to meet their cousin.

And Haleigh took a turn holding her, too.
Nana came to meet her fifth great-grandchild.

Uncle Adam even did some face time with Piper from his job site in Pennsylvania.
Later in the day, Noah got to go out for pizza with his cousins,

before going to the hospital to meet his baby sister. So sweet.

He was most enthralled with the balloon she received, and we took it home from the hospital with us. He entertained himself the next morning by peeking at Granny through the balloon.
He was also determined to take his baby for a ride in his little walker thingy.
I think we may have a safety issue. :)
I was able to add her name to the onesie I had started for her, so it would be ready for her to wear home.
I enjoyed a little snuggle time with both of them at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.
Noah was using the ottoman as a boat on Wednesday morning while we waited for his little sister to get home from the hospital.
Here she is!
This will be fun!!
Sweet Piper, hanging out at home.
And Noah, who thought he should try out her carseat. Silly boy!
Nothing sweeter than a newborn baby.

A warm spot by the fire was a perfect place to snooze on a rainy afternoon.

Today, Piper made her first trip to the 'burg, since her mama needed to have her dress fitted for Adam and Courtney's wedding, which is ONE WEEK AWAY! That's a pretty exciting 12 day span for our family, don't you think? :)

Haleigh had a turn holding Piper.
As did Ella.
And Shylah and David were getting some practice time before THEIR little one arrives in early September. I KNOW! God is good, all the time.

I took this little video of Noah saying his sister's name in the morning before she came home from the hospital. Such a good big brother!


Terri D said...

Such a sweet and joy-filled post!! Congratulations and prayers lifted for a long and wonderful life, for Piper! Precious, and big brother is adorable!

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