Monday, May 4, 2015

Beauty and the Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Ella Kate's birthday yesterday (one day early) with a family outing to see Beauty and the Beast at Clowes Hall in Indianapolis. The show was a Christmas gift for the whole family from my parents, which just happened to coincide with the 4 on the 4th birthday of our own little beauty who loves Belle!
She was so excited to see Belle live and in person. Any time Belle wasn't on stage, she said, "I can't see Belle!"
I was seated between the birthday girl and this handsome guy, who enjoyed the show and laughed at all the jokes.
We had 18 people at the show, and 22 people at the restaurant afterwards, but I only got photos of a few. Beautiful Ella 'Belle' with the fancy cupcakes her mommy made for the party.
There were cookies, too! Beautiful special cookies by her mama Darci.
Nana had a little wine mishap during dinner. Accidents happen!
Ella and Haleigh sharing smiles...
and sillies.
And Baby Noah (who's not the baby anymore) blowing a birthday kiss to cousin Ella Kate.

Happy 4th Birthday, Ella! Granny loves you!


Linda Kay said...

What a darling age, and you all look to be having a marvelous time for her birthday.

Terri D said...

How cute that she announced every time she couldn't see Bella!! A very fun party and wonderful memories for the entire family!