Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh, NYC!

Throwing it back today to 2 weeks ago when we were just back from our whirlwind trip to NYC.
Jamalyn, Jessica, Ruthann, and I got an early start as we headed to the Big Apple. The main purpose of the trip was to fulfill the dream of a visit with Jimmy Fallon at a taping of The Tonight Show. Hey hey hey hey!! You might remember I mentioned it in this post celebrating Jamalyn's birthday. She even preached about the upcoming trip, including the video showing her excitement in the moment of acquiring the tickets, in her August 2 sermon entitled 'Prepositions Matter', archived here, if you care to watch. :)
We flew over the Potomac River just before our first stop at Reagan National in D.C.
On our way!!!
We did have one little glitch when our gate was changed WITH NO ANNOUNCEMENT and we missed our flight. Thankfully, there are multiple trips between D.C. and NYC, and we were able to get on the next flight. Jamalyn was happy to back away and let me finish the conversation with the nice lady taking care of us at the gate. :)
We landed safely, got our luggage (still on the carousel since the earlier flight - with our luggage - sat on the tarmac in D.C. and landed only minutes before we did), hitched a ride with Uber, and checked in to our hotel. Hello New York!

Our first outing was a cab ride to the North River Lobster Company to meet Jessica's friend, Francis, who lives in NYC. It is a restaurant on a boat that takes excursions on the Hudson several times a day.

We ordered our lunch just as the boat was leaving the dock. It was a beautiful day, and a great way to relax and get our first glimpse of the city. Francis and Jessica are physical therapists, and met at a class they took in Chicago.
Jamalyn, Ruthann, and I enjoying the boat as it heads out for a cruise on the river. I'm wearing the souvenir sunglasses I purchased on the boat, complete with bottle opener ear pieces.
What a view!
Our ship, Destiny, safely back at the dock.
From the boat, we took a cab to Central Park, with Francis as our guide. It is amazing that this vast green space exists right in the middle of the city.
We saw hansom cabs all lined up at the edge of the park.
I think the pigeons were getting more out of the bucket than the horse!
We made a stop at the Plaza, just for fun.
We saw the beautiful lobby.

And Jamalyn made a call to Eloise.
We walked down Fifth Avenue, and I took note of this interesting window display. Replicas, of course, but there were several animal skeletons on display. I took the photo of the horse, of course.
We even explored all 4 floors at Tiffany's, and Jamalyn made a 'happy birthday to me' purchase. :)

Ruthann over did it a bit with the lunch and the walk, but after rest and rehydration, we were ready for our night at the theater for Phantom of the Opera.
After all, it's NYC!
Stay tuned for more of our NYC adventure!

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Terri D said...

What fun!!! I can't wait for your next installment!