Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bon Fet, Jamalyn!

Jamalyn celebrated her 40th birthday last week with Dave and the kids before Dave left for a week in Haiti. Such a cute family!
She continued the celebration with pedis, before bringing her friends Buffy and Mary to the lake for an overnight.
I had a few decorations to make things a little more festive.
The banners went up on Thursday...
with the Jamalyn heads added for a Friday morning greeting.
Since Dave was gone all week doing God's work in Haiti, Jamalyn invited friends to join her at the lake any time during the four day birthday extravaganza. Buffy and Mary left Thursday morning, and Jessica arrived Thursday evening. The three of us then made the trek down to Nashville to enjoy a meal at Big Woods Pizza.
We took a walk around town after dinner, and found a wood carving shop with this motorcycle outside.
Much safer than the motos in Haiti!
Jamalyn's smiling face turned up all around the lake house.
Bon Fet, Jamalyn!
Jamalyn posted this photo on Friday morning with the hashtag #40aintsobad. Her theme for the week (month).

The morning was MOST exciting when we got all set up with computers, phones, and iPad to attempt to secure tickets to see Jimmy Fallon in NYC. Jamalyn and Jess have tried before, unsuccessfully, and we hoped that the birthday/lake/multiple computer method would be the ticket (literally).

We ended up moving inside where the internet signal was stronger, and then the real excitement began. We all connected to the 'in queue' page for Tonight Show tickets, but only JAMALYN received the 'order tickets' page from there. So. Very. Exciting. Jim was on a conference call trying to concentrate while all heck was breaking loose inside. We even have video documentation of Jamalyn's excitement as she "agreed to everything", entered the necessary information, and CELEBRATED this occasion of all occasions! Hey hey hey hey!
We had a few showers off and on during the afternoon, but we had fun with Deb and her kids, Lisa and Colin, Jamalyn, Jessica, Jim and myself, enjoying the water, playing Taboo, and sharing a meal (and Darci's delicious birthday treats) together.

Jessica posed for a photo before she left on Friday evening.
As did Lisa and Colin, who are expecting their first child in early December! So exciting!
On Saturday, we were joined by Brad and his mom Gail, who were with us in Haiti in November, and Brad's son Jorison. Gail is currently undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer, and I would invite you to pray for her. Such an inspirational woman!
Saturday was chilly, but sunny, and Jamalyn's parents also came, with Margaret and Nathan, to finish out our guests for the weekend. Margaret and Nathan wanted to go tubing, and Mr. Jim complied by driving the boat for a good run on Big Mabel.

Jamalyn's parents, Jamalyn, Nathan, and Margaret.
'Miss Susan' posing with Margaret and her mommy.
The birthday girl and me. Or as my boys say it, my 'bff.' It is a blessing to have her in my life, and to celebrate big (and bigger) birthdays together. Here's to many more.

I took this photo in Haiti, and had it printed for her with Psalm 121:1-2:
I will lift up my eyes to the hills - from whence comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
It is a special verse, which always makes me think of Haiti, 
which always makes me think of my friend, Jamalyn. 
Happy Birthday, Jamalyn! 
Bondye beni ou! 
#40aintsobad #indeeditaint

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Terri D said...

Great pictures of a wonderful time of celebration! Your last photo of Haiti and the verse is so beautiful. Making memories is so important.