Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cayden, Cousins, and Coming Home

Before he was even one day old, Cayden had his first test. Hearing screening done, and he passed. :)
Since he was born in a hospital full of Ohio State fans, he had to show some Boilermaker spirit right away!
He had some visitors on the day after he was born. Cousins Ella and Haleigh, and Aunt Darci.
Uncle Andrew, too, who helped Ella hold Baby Cayden.
Andrew sent a Snapchat announcing his new nephew, and his nickname for him. :)

Haleigh also got a turn to hold him.
And Granny got to snuggle half of my half-dozen grandchildren. So blessed.
Ella watched her Uncle David change Baby Cayden's diaper.
Jammies on, and some good-bye snuggles with Cayden and David.
On Thursday, Dr. Park came in and told Shylah that they could go home. Yes, that's the doctor. :)

Daddy David got Cayden dressed to go home.
All snuggled in his Cayden blanket.
Getting buckled into his car seat.
 Ready to roll.
Home sweet home.
 Mackey meets Cayden.
So cute.

 Sweet boy.
Uncle Adam and Aunt Courtney came this morning to meet Cayden and watch the Purdue game. Courtney got him ready with his fancy burp cloth. Even though we weren't playing IU today, it's good to be prepared.
Daddy David and Cayden watching their first game together.
 He's a Boiler Baby.
 Cayden got to watch his first Purdue football victory. Go Boilers!
After the game, Aunt Courtney read him his first story. A Boiler victory, a good book, and big love for little Cayden.


Terri D said...

That is one very lucky little boy!! Adorable!

Cathy said...

Love all the pictures of your grandkids and new grandbaby! You are one very blessed grandma!

Lea said...

Not sure when this precious little boy was born but ours was born Aug. 31st, 7 weeks early and he's an Oklahoma State boy. Sweet pictures!