Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let's Talk Tailgate

It's football season! Yay! Except that the young season is not going quite like I had hoped. The Boilers are going to try out a new quarterback this week, and my Saints… well... we just hope my quarterback is good to go come Sunday. Boiler Up! Who Dat! Hail Mary! Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers. :)

We made the trip to West Lafayette on Saturday for an afternoon game between our Boilers and Virginia Tech. Afternoon games are so nice, since you don't have to leave home at zero dark thirty, and you can enjoy a leisurely tailgate before kickoff. Unfortunately, afternoon games are reserved for teams playing 'big games', which means our team will likely kick at noon from here on out. :(

I didn't take many photos, but Jim started the day by posting our flags on his Facebook page. If you're in or around the R lot before a game, look for the black Purdue train over a Saints flag, and come say hello. We'll be glad to share a burger and a beverage!

Jim found the next group of photos on his phone, with no clue how they got there.
Adam. Not smiling.
And two breakfast club referees that Jim thought needed some help taking a photo. They didn't.
The rest of the group arrived after attending Matthew's cross country meet in Southport. Darci made this awesome cookie to celebrate Jim's birthday (a little late).
The kids in attendance posed for a Boiler Up! photo.
Haleigh, Ella, Abbi, Jovey, Makenna, and Matthew.
The girls gave Grandpa some birthday love...
 and kisses!

At halftime, they honored the 2001 Rose Bowl team, which included many of our favorite Boilermakers. My quarterback couldn't make it to the game, but he had a special message for the crowd, and shared some of his favorite memories from that unforgettable season. Thanks, Drew!
Some of the players on the field on Saturday were Akin Ayodele,  Tim Stratton, John Standeford, Vinny Sutherland, and Craig Terrill. We were fortunate enough to attend the Rose Bowl to watch that game in person. Oh, the memories!
Coach Joe Tiller was there as well. One of the streets around the stadium was named in his honor as part of the celebration.
The Stewarts even got our moment on the jumbotron with the photo of Jim and the girls among the fan photos displayed during the fourth quarter. And no, that wasn't the final score. It got worse. :(
We are fans, though, so through thick or thin, win or lose, we will remain 'ever grateful, ever true.' 
And we'll look cute, too! Boiler Up!

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Terri D said...

True fans!! Great photos and such wonderful memories being made - win or lose.