Saturday, October 17, 2015

Boilers and Babies

Last Saturday, little Cayden John made his first trip to a Purdue football game. Or as his dad likes to say, his introduction to a lifetime of disappointing football. (Minus the Drew Brees years, of course.) We can pray that the young Brees boys will be wearing Boilermaker uniforms one day. :)

I was happy to see my newest little sweetie, and welcome him to the tailgate lot.

He even got to meet Mitch! In case you don't know, Mitch Daniels is the former governor of Indiana and the current President of Purdue University. Hi Mitch!

It was baby day at the tailgate, and we got a photo of Kristin and baby Alaina, Shylah and baby Cayden, and Jen and baby Adelyn.

Silly Andrew and baby Adam had to get in the picture as well. Lol.

A photographer from the Journal and Courier came by and took a couple of photos of the babies.
Kristin, Cayden, and Shylah.

Kyle and Alaina.

I love the fun and fanfare of college football, and I was finally able to get into the stadium in time for the pre game show. Here come the Boilers! Unfortunately, that's about the best thing they did all day.

The band's famous Block P.

World's Largest Bass Drum and the presentation of the colors.

My favorite part of the pre game is 'I Am An American.' "They are plain words, those four: you could write them on your thumbnail, or sweep them across this bright October sky." I always like to guess what the announcer will say for his description of the sky. It was a bright and beautiful day.

Shylah, Cayden, and David going into Ross-Ade Stadium for Cayden's first game.

We were given seats up in the Shively Suites by a friend, and I spent part of the game up there with baby Cayden. As previously stated, it was a good thing we had babies and families and friends to distract us from what was happening on the field, because it was not pretty. At. all.

Back at the tailgate (yes, even I left the game early), Cayden took a little snooze in the back of the car. It may not be the last Boiler football game he sleeps through, but we were happy to have him with us for his very first. Boiler Up, babies!


Terri D said...

It's so great that you celebrate and enjoy, even when the team lets you down. The babies are all adorable!

Lea said...

Sounds like a whole lotta fun in spite of the defeat. :o)) Happy new week!