Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prettiest Pumpkins in the Patch

Haleigh, Ella, and I took a little drive last week to visit Armand's Harper Valley Farm. It's about a 20 minute drive to the southern side of Decatur County. I have heard about their farm and pumpkin patch, but this was my first visit.

We really liked the sunflower maze. Sunflowers are so much fun. I remember planting a few near our back gate when our kids were little. Often, by the end of the summer, just before school started, they were HUGE! I think I tried to make a wreath one year, with the sunflower head in the center. We also saved the seeds to plant again the next year.

The sunflowers in the maze weren't the really huge variety, but they made a colorful backdrop to our walk through the maze. Haleigh posed on the path.

The girls tried to decide which way we should go next.

They pointed out a nice looking sunflower bloom.
 We even got together for a granny girl selfie.

The turkeys were LOUD! And for sale! We did not buy a turkey.
After the sunflower maze, we took a wagon across the road and through the bean field to the pumpkin patch. There are around 8 acres of gourds and pumpkins! We searched through the patch to find just the right pumpkins to fill our wagon and bring home with us.

Haleigh found the one she wanted.
We loaded them into the wagon, and then two girls decided they wanted to ride too. I was happy to get a little workout while pulling my pretty load back through the bean field and across the road.

After we paid Mrs. Armand for our pumpkins, Haleigh took over the pulling.
 She took Ella safely back, past the sunflowers, to the car.
Back at home, the girls decided to clean out and carve the pumpkins. Of course, I still have the kid-safe carving tools from when our kids were kids. :) We cut the tops off, and they got to work scooping out the insides and the seeds.

Aunt Courtney did a math lesson last week with her fourth grade students, by estimating, and then counting, the seeds in a pumpkin. We did not count ours. I did throw them out near the side of the house, though. Maybe we'll grow a beanstalk! Or at least some surprise pumpkins next summer.

I showed them how it sometimes works best to use your hands, instead of a spoon, to get the insides out of the pumpkin. Ella was more anxious to try it than Haleigh was, and they both worked hard to get their pumpkins all cleaned out.
We brought them inside and worked together to carve a face on each one. They wanted the same face, so their jack-o-lanterns would be twins. Probably because people frequently think they are twins.
We found some candles, and set the jack-o-lanterns to glowin'. Just like the little girls.


Linda Kay said...

Many in blog land are visiting the farms for pumpkins and apples. Looks like you had a great time, and good job on the pumpkin carving.

Terri D said...

What a great time you had with those two beautiful young ladies!!

Cathy said...

Looks like you all had a really fun time. Your granddaughters are so cute and what a good job on the pumpkins.