Friday, December 18, 2015

Grand Christmas Fun

We returned from New Orleans, and spent the next day at Jennifer and Bryan's, where this guy was set to do some reading, with his ear band and his book bag. He's a silly boy, who loves his books. He also wore the ear band for his nap.
We spent the next couple of days with these two sweet girls, while their parents were in Chicago. They were happy to have a little ice cream for dessert.
When Matthew and Haleigh got off the bus after school on Thursday, we decorated our traditional gingerbread house. Well, okay, we have done two now, so we'll call it a tradition. :) I purchased a pre-assembled house, complete with everything needed to make a sweet looking house.
Haleigh and Ella liked the sweet tasting icing, as well.

They all worked together, each doing a section of the house. It turned out great, and will be part of our decorations for our Christmas table.

Since our trip to New Orleans was in December, it was fun to see all the beautiful Christmas trees along the way. I took a photo of the one in the Indianapolis airport, and decided to make a photo collage of some of the trees we saw on our trip. Locations below.

Indianapolis airport | Omni Royal Orleans Hotel | Lafitte's Blacksmith Shoppe
Bevolo Gas Lights | Commander's Palace | Shop in Jackson Square
Dining room at Court of Two Sisters | Courtyard at Court of Two Sisters | Jackson Square

We were a little late in getting our own tree this year. Since we had our Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I didn't want the tree up during the meal. I like to do my holidays one at a time. Then we went to New Orleans, so we had to wait until the next weekend to get our tree. We have been going to Bohman's Tree Farm for years, and for the last few years, have taken the grandkids along. Scheduling didn't work for them to go this year, so Jim and I had to choose the tree ourselves. We are usually fine with one of the trees they have pre-cut, but since we were late to the party, the selection was slim. That meant climbing onto the wagon and heading for the hillside to cut a tree. Just like the old days.
It was unseasonably warm, and a little muddy, but we took a walk and a look, and pretty quickly agreed on a tree. Jim got to work with the saw, and we were in business.
The tree was loaded on the wagon, along with another family's tree, and we all headed back up the hill. We only lost our tree once. Lol.
To keep the Christmas activities going, we went to the Historical Museum after church for the Christmas Open House and visit with Santa. Ella Kate and Haleigh were happy to sit on Santa's lap.
Noah was not so sure, but did manage to sit on his mommy's lap beside Santa. Piper was interested in that man in the red suit, but stayed safely in her daddy's arms.
We went on to Dayton on Sunday afternoon, for a visit with David and Shylah, and baby Cayden. That's quite a loving armful I'm holding. Blessed.
Back at his house, Noah was talking to his nativity set. "Don't be afraid," he says.
I received this snapchat of David and Cayden, who is ready for Christmas (and missing his Granny, I think). :) 
One week 'til Christmas! Wishing you peace. on. earth. 


Cathy said...

Such sweet pictures.

Terri D said...

I agree with Cathy. The photos are precious and sweet!