Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In The Meadow We Can Build a Hodgepodge

Hello December, and hello Hodgepodge! Thanks for stopping by! Thanks also, to Joyce, for the questions each week as she faithfully hosts this little party on the world wide web. Be sure to click on the button to pay her a visit!

Now for her questions and my answers:

1. Did you watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special Monday night? Who's your favorite Peanuts character and why?

I did not watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special on Monday… I didn't realize it was on. I have, however, watched it many, many times. We had (still have) a VHS tape with all the Christmas shows I recorded back to back from the TV so that our kids could watch all the shows all season long. Before DVDs, DVRs, or the ability to watch 'most anything on youtube. I even hit pause during commercials while recording, 'cause nobody wants to watch those. :)

My favorite character on the Christmas special is Linus. He's the star of the show, with his scripture reading from the book of Luke. I'm probably most like Lucy, though, like it or not. A big sister, a bit bossy, and a one-time perfectionist. (I've lightened up a little. I think.)

"Most psychiatrists agree that sitting in a pumpkin patch is excellent therapy for a troubled mind."~Linus  

Would you agree? 

Sure. Being outdoors is always a good way to clear your head.

2. Describe a sound from your childhood. What does this sound bring to mind? 

I remember the sound of the attic fan outside my upstairs bedroom on summer nights in our pre-air-conditioning house. That fan not only cooled, as best it could, the bedrooms, but also served as a 'white noise' of sorts, to muffle the sounds of summer when our bedtime came before dark.

3. You've won a trip to a winter wonderland...would that excite you? Which one of the following would you most want to experience (or which one would you dislike the least)-see the Aurora Borealis in Norway, stay in Sweden's Ice Hotel, go dogsledding in Lapland Finland, take a winter wildlife safari in Yellowstone or celebrate Winter Carnival in Quebec?

I don't. really. like. cold. Winter Carnival in Quebec sounds fun, and I'm sure there must be good food and good fun, despite the cold.

4. Who or what keeps you humble?

My children. 

5. What part of preparing for Christmas do you like the most? Explain. 

I have always loved Christmas cards, both sending and receiving. I like selecting, signing, and yes, even hand addressing them. I got them ordered early this year, but I haven't sent them yet. (See #7)

I also like getting out the nativity set, made by my mother-in-law, to display throughout the season. There have been a few nicks and chips to some of the pieces over the years, but I like to think that adds to the character of the holy family and friends. I like it so much, I sometimes leave it out until February or so. After all, Jesus is with us all the days of the year, not just at Christmas time.

6. Gingerbread-yay or nay? Is making a gingerbread house part of your family holiday tradition?

Gingerbread is not my favorite to eat, although I'm never one to turn down a cookie. :)  I did help these two make a gingerbread house last year. I hope to continue the tradition!

7. What's one thing you want to start, do, or complete before the calendar rolls into a new year? 

My Christmas cards!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I received an advance copy of Kristen Welch's new book, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World, as part of the launch team. Kristen blogs at We Are That Family, and is the founder of Mercy House Kenya. I have just started the book, and I am excited to share the important message of ways to foster gratitude in our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves. (Yes, the book is for all of us, granny included!) It is hard to be intentional about seeking contentment, when the world says more (more, more) is better. Kristen joins us in the midst of the struggle to inspire and remind us that Jesus is all we really need.
The book is available for pre-order now at, for $16. This includes free shipping, as well as a Global Family Kit and Quick Guide Gratitude PDF. Click the link for all the details, and consider purchasing the book for you or someone you love. You will be blessed!


Katie Clooney said...

We agree on #4 and #7!! I'm concentrating on my cards today. Have a good week!

Denise said...

liked your answers

Laura H said...

Like you, I do not like the cold!I am always dressed in layers so I definitely will NOT want to do the ice hotel. We share a love of putting out the Nativity! My dog usually sits there and watch/help me. Love your answers! Stopping by from the HP!

Joyce said...

I like her blog, so will look forward to reading her book. I don't have any of my decorations here, so we are winging it a bit. We did buy a tree for the apt but I am missing my nativity. It's one of my favorite things. We got it the first Christmas we were married : ) Happy December!

Linda Kay said...

Such a catchy title to your hodge podge. Enjoyed your thoughts.

Terri D said...

I have a Nativity Scene that I leave out all year. I agree with you!! I have a friend who collect Nativity Scenes and keeps them displayed in a hutch all year. Definitely a good reminder for us! I sure enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge answers!

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful nativity set! I'd leave it out longer, too..
I love to send and receive Christmas cards, too. I'm running a bit behind on getting them addressed, this year, though.

tammy doane said...

I liked the pic of the gingerbread house.

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed your hodgepodge! I'm really loving everyone answers to the childhood noise memory question. They're all bringing back great memories for me too!