Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear David

It was also the day after Thanksgiving back in 1982 when we went to the hospital to have our first baby. We were supposed to deliver in Lafayette, but we were home for the holiday and not sure we wanted to drive back. Dr. Hansen was a friend, and was kind enough to help us welcome David John into the world.

David was a sweet one-year-old.

He posed on his rocking horse for our Christmas card.

He was reading books at 18 months. : )

Kickin' up his saddle shoes at 3.

Ready for preschool at Nana's.

And looking cool in first grade. Heyyyy!

All dressed up for Halloween.

Playing a little soccer.

And some basketball too.

Showing cattle at the County Fair.

But swimming was his game, and Chewy was his name. Nickname that is, due to the goggles in his teeth.

Now we call him David John Stewart, PhD. But he'll still always be

my first

Happy Birthday David!

I love you!

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