Friday, November 5, 2010

My Little Girl

My little girl is 25 today. Wow. Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our little Jennifer Ann into the family. Here she is at one year old.

And another one year old picture.

I thought I would post some birthday pictures to celebrate the day. Here she is at Nana's preschool having her party with the class. She's three.

And her 3rd birthday cake? Wizard of Oz! Our own little Dorothy.

Six years old. I think she got two parties and two cakes. This one was with the family.

And this was the fancy party with all her friends from kindergarten. I believe one of the little boys she invited brought her her first Barbie.

Here she is at seven, showing off her Beauty and the Beast cake.

She always loved having good friends around to help with the celebration.

And last year, with her favorite guys around her.
Did they pick on her? Sometimes.
Was she a tomboy? Well, I'd say she could hold her own with the boys.
Was she spoiled? That would probably depend on who you asked.

We do know who she is... our beautiful, talented, outgoing, happy, friendly, sweet princess Jennifer!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!
I love you!

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!;)