Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Ones

In Fondwa, there are about 50 children living in an orphanage supported by Family Health Ministries. Some of the children aren't true orphans, but have come to live there because their families are unable to care for them. The building in which they were living was damaged by the earthquake, so they have moved up the mountain into temporary structures. They are cared for by Sister Simone and Sister Carmelle, and several young Sisters.

In this photo, one of the young Sisters was giving them instruction on drinking water safety. They were learning that even if water looks clear, it may not be safe to drink.

This is a picture of Shelly with Jed. Jed is like the young prince in Fondwa. You can read his story here. It's a good one, including how he got his name: Joseph Emanuel David "Jed." He is a favorite of the Sisters and the visitors.

He has lost a tooth, but was reluctant to show it to Jennifer for the camera.

Smiles and hugs all around.

Jed and Jennifer. Last year, he would come to our door early in the morning looking for her, "Jen-ee-fer!"

Jon plays some clapping games with the boys.

"Foto! Foto!" Yes, they like to show off for the camera.

Jimmy and a young friend on the way to school.

Marjory coloring with some of the children.

Shelly handing out candy. It can be a little overwhelming.

Like a fish feeding frenzy.

Each wanting a share.

Jennifer anticipated this, and instructed them to sit down. She knows how to say "sit" in Kreyol. "Chita!"

Seeing their smiles is a blessing and a sweet "mesi."

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