Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chili Night

I picked Matthew up from school on Friday, and after a quick stop at home, we headed to Seymour to meet Andrew and Haleigh for dinner. It was fun to have Matthew read some books to me on the way. A couple of them came from our Cheerios boxes, and some were his AR books from school.

Everyone remember AR books? Jon? Hello?

We got to Chili's first, and Matthew spent some time playing on my phone until his daddy and sister arrived.

He also let me get a shot of the space in his mouth since he lost his two front teeth. Hopefully he'll have teeth in there before corn on the cob season!

Sweet Haleigh was ready for some supper.

Matthew and Andrew looking cool.

We enjoyed some chips.

Can I have some, Daddy?

Such a happy girl,

and big enough to eat her own dinner.

Matthew wanted some dessert since it was still pretty close to his birthday. He chose the Molten Chocolate Cake, of course.

He was pretty sure he could eat it all by himself.

I would call this one of the Stewart Family favorite desserts. And while we don't mind sharing, it is definitely every man (or woman) for himself when the plate hits the table. Consider yourself warned.

Last night, however, was pretty calm, and Haleigh even scored a few bites for herself.

Matthew and Andrew digging in.

Yum. Yum.

I repeat, yum, yum.

And... all gone!

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