Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ice Storm Cometh

On Tuesday, as predicted, Indiana got hit with a major winter storm. While the northern part of the state got lots of snow, we were hit with ice. Schools here in Decatur County were closed, as were schools in most of the state from here northward. Even Purdue was closed. That doesn't happen very often. I think I heard it has only closed 4 (now 5, including today) times in the last 400 years. Or maybe it was 40 years. Something like that.

I take snow (or ice) days literally, so I didn't venture out too far. I couldn't even make it to the barn on two feet. I did take a couple pictures of the ice on the front porch.

By Tuesday evening, it was sleeting hard and the wind was blowing something fierce. There were reports of trees and power lines down all over the place. I filled the bathtub in case we lost power. I can add layers of clothing, but it's hard to give up the ability to flush. Especially with Jon in the house. And Jim.

We did lose water for a bit, and discovered that the electricity at Gilman's house was off. That's where our pump is located. Convenient, I know. We were crossing our fingers that our power would remain on long enough to watch the Purdue game. It did. Too bad the Boilers didn't stay in the game long enough to win it.

Our water was back on before bedtime, and the wind continued all night. This morning we woke to several big branches down in the yard. I took some of these pictures while it was still blowing pretty hard.

There are several shots of the same tree.

So, schools are closed here again tomorrow, and it's quite an icy mess out there. Oh the joy of an Indiana winter!

To make matters even worse, my sweet son David, currently a North Carolinian, sent this message to the whole family. So funny, David. Hysterical.

But we still love you.

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Taylor said...

Oh, that looks cold! Your son is pretty funny! :)
Nice to meet you!