Saturday, July 30, 2011

B-Dubs and Blessings

Last Wednesday, Jennifer and I finished up the wedding dress shopping. Yes, that means she said yes to the dress! Jamalyn and Margaret joined us at one shop, and we decided that every bride should take a 5 year old with her to try on dresses. Margaret loved sharing her thoughts about each one, which mostly involved words like "beautiful", "gorgeous", and "Bryan will love it." She was so cute.

After our successful day, we had even more excitement when I picked up these two from the airport!

David and Shylah flew in from North Carolina. They were heading north to visit her family and attend her youngest brother's graduation celebration. We were able to share a meal with them at Jennifer's, so they could see her new house and see the whole gang. They also needed a car for the weekend, and my Tahoe was available.

We ordered 100 of these. Yum.

Matthew was enjoying an evening with his aunts and uncles.

Haleigh liked performing for the camera.

And climbing on Aunt Shylah.

And performing some more.

Ella, on the other hand, slept peacefully on Jennifer's bed.

Andrew and Darci.

Jennifer and Bryan.

And look who else stopped by! Sam, Cheryl, and Ted. They left bright and early the next morning for a trip to Washington D.C.

Our attempt to get a photo of the whole family. Not an easy task. :)
So great to have everyone together. So blessed.

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