Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a Wonderful World

On Friday evening, we attended the wedding of our pastor, Jimmy, and his new wife, Mary Beth, who is also a pastor. It was one of the most touching and unique weddings I have ever attended, complete with a jazz trio and Mardi Gras beads. The recessional was the trio playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" while the newlyweds tossed beads. I loved that part!

Mary Beth grew up in Chicago, and Jimmy grew up in Mississippi, just a stone's throw from New Orleans. Both are loyal Cubs fans. (I don't really think you can be a Cubs fan without being loyal, now, can you?) It was fitting, then, that they decided to use a Chicago/New Orleans theme for their reception at the church. It was very cool. In the center of the room, was a big "W" flag that Mary Beth's son won at a Cubs convention. They fly the "W" over Wrigley Field when the Cubs win. I'm told it does happen. :)

The tables sported pennants from both cities.

The north end of the room was Chicago.

Complete with Chicago style hot dogs.

The south end of the room was New Orleans.

They served red beans and rice, along with jambalaya, NOLA style.

Jamalyn and Margaret were there, and Margaret was glad to spend some time with RuRu.

And share some hugs.

At the Chicago table, they had a framed photo of some special games, and a personalized bat with their names and wedding date on display.

It was a difficult task to even catch the newly married couple in the same area of the room. As pastors, they have blessed so many folks, and there were hundreds of friends and family members in attendance to share their special day. Of course, they were busy working the crowd greeting their guests all evening. Catching them together may continue to be a challenge, as they will be maintaining homes in both Greensburg and Bloomington.

It may look like they were signing their marriage certificate here, but I was told they were actually signing their new wills before leaving the country on their wedding trip. They are thorough, those two. :)

Bryan and Jennifer went to the wedding with us. Of course, they are interested in weddings, for some reason. I got a few photos of them afterwards.

And I did manage to get a photo of Jimmy and Mary Beth together, and looking at the camera. We pray that God will richly bless their life together, and that love will fill their home(s).

And I must add, "Go Cubs!" and "Lassaiz les bon temps rouler!"

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