Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leapin' at the Lake

The lake fun continued as Darci, Andrew, Katie, David,
Matt, and Abbi headed out for a little tubing.

Since I didn't go along, there aren't any photos of the actual tubing,
but I got this one of the first two getting ready to go.

Haleigh stayed behind and took a little ride in the paddle boat.
She didn't notice that it was still tied up to the dock.

After the boating, everyone relaxed on the dock or in the water.
Haleigh enjoyed the oasis with her daddy.


David, Darci, Ella and Katie relaxed on the dock.

And yes, I know there is a disproportionately high number of photos of this little cheeser.
Mainly due to the fact that:
A.) She really loves having her picture taken (by her Granny)
B.) She's so darn cute (says her Granny) and
C.) I'm her Granny.
And I'm holdin' the camera. :)

After a little rest, some of the group swam across the cove
to try out the slide and jump off the high dock.
Slidin' Shelly.


Andrew. Wheeee!

David starts off with a cannonball.

Andrew tried a dive.

There goes Shelly, flippin' again.

Cowabunga! Great jump, Abbi!

David surprised everyone with a flip of his own!
I love the reactions in the background.

Then crazy brave Shelly gets set to go off the rail.

Whew! A nice safe jump.

Next up, David and Andrew plan a tandem jump.
(That's Katie's husband David, not to be confused with Andrew's brother David.
Just wanted to clear that up. Lol.)

I'm not sure this is a good idea, boys....  Be careful!

And, why, are you... holding hands?

Just goes to show that boys will be silly boys, no matter how old they get.

Matt and Makenna relaxed in a safe spot on the swing.

For our late lunch, we enjoyed juicy burgers and Jan's super famous grilled veggies.
Aren't you proud I cooked veggies?
Well, Jim actually did the cooking part. They were yummy.

Abbi liked her burger.

Makenna liked her PBJ.

Haleigh liked the opportunity to get a little nap in.
Too sleepy to eat.
Dreaming of a great weekend with friends at the lake.

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