Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Make Me Smile

Andrew and Darci are staying with us until their house is ready over at the cattle farm. So, while we were waiting for Matthew to get off the bus after school, I took a few pictures of sweet Haleigh.

You might say this girl loves to ham it up for the camera.

She has had several hundred thousand photos taken of her 
in her almost 19 month lifetime.

Many of those by yours truly, her Granny. 
When she sees me coming with my camera, 
she says "cheese" and starts posing. 
(I once heard about another little girl who did that 
when her Pampaw got his camera, oh so many years ago).

She can show me her belly button.

And she often cracks herself up.

We do need to remind her not to do this in Aunt Jennifer's wedding next April.

Still waiting for the bus.

Still smiling.

Showing her tongue.

Snapping her fingers?

Looking a bit sassy.

Happy, happy,

silly girl.

And finally, the bus was here!

Haleigh says, "yayyy!"

We had so much time for pictures because the bus driver 
missed seeing Matthew back there and didn't make the stop. 
By the time he realized the mistake, Matthew was about 20 minutes late 
and we were beginning to panic get a little worried. 
Since Matthew doesn't ride the bus home every day, 
and it's a new school year, everyone is still getting used to the routine.

No worries, though, after a call from the school to let us know, 
he was delivered safely.

And they watched the bus drive off into the sunset. 
Well, it wasn't quite that late, but you know what I mean. :)

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