Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walking on Water

Matthew was able to come to the lake with us on Friday after school, and, as a surprise for him, I asked cousin Riley to come along too. They were thrilled to get to spend a little time together.

They were up bright and early on Saturday morning, and after Jim's famous pancakes for breakfast, they were ready to take the kayaks out on the lake.

We borrowed our neighbor's small kayak for Riley. He had a great time guiding his own boat.

The main attraction was the new lake toy, a water mat. They jumped right on, and thought it made a great place to fill up the blasters.

They spent a little time paddling around on the inflatables.

It made it even more fun since they had watched Free Willy the night before. :)

After the fun, they headed up to the porch to dry off a bit.

Haleigh and Gumbo followed.

They spent a little time playing on Riley's game thingy.

And Matthew and Gumbo snuggled up to play on Granny's iPhone.

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