Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos Matthew!

Continuing the celebration of Matthew's birthday (since the actual day is Monday), we went to our favorite, El Reparo. Of course, Matthew requested his favorite, a cup of limes. He has liked them since he was just a little tyke.

Getting all the juice out...

takes some work...

and then a smile for the camera.

All done!

Ella enjoyed her puffs.

Happy baby girl.

Haleigh was entertained by Uncle Big Jon.

Andrew ordered a half pitcher of margaritas for the second round, and it came in a tiny pitcher.

He did share it.

Matthew and Big Jon gettin' tough. At least Jon is.

Happy Haleigh.

Big Jon and Hay.

She decided to stand up in her chair.




Ella finds it all rather hilarious. :)

Darci ordered the beautiful and delicious fried bananas.

Mmmmm.... dessert. The best part of the day.

Matthew, of course, got the birthday boy fried ice cream.

He also got the sombrero and the singing.

Happy Birthday, Matthew!
It's hard to believe you will be eight years old on Monday.
Your Granny loves you!

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