Monday, February 6, 2012

Love and Basketball

On Saturday, the high school held the annual Alumni Basketball Game. It is always nice for the former players to come back to the old gym for a fun day playing basketball together.

Andrew and Jonathan both participated, and they had their own little cheering section.

Haleigh watched her daddy play.

Matthew paid close attention to the game.

There's Daddy!

Matthew might be thinking about playing basketball here someday.

Or he might have been thinking about his birthday.... which is today!

Big Jon participated in the three point contest. He didn't win. Surprising, I know.

Ella took a little crawl on the gym floor.

When it was Andrew's turn for the three point contest, Haleigh was sure he needed her out there with him.
Matthew went to try to get her off the court and out of harm's way. She wasn't too happy about it.

Big Jon to the rescue, holding her so she could watch.

She had lots of fun playing at the end of the court.

And even played a little ball with her daddy.

Josh and Jon. Back on the court together. Just a bit slower with their pick n roll. :)

Jon checking back in to the game.

Matthew and some buddies enjoyed watching the game.

And smiling for the camera.

Haleigh spent some time watching Dora on the iPhone.

It was a nice afternoon taking a trip down memory lane, back to the days of being basketball parents,
and looking forward to the days and years ahead. Go Pirates!

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