Monday, February 13, 2012

Hunting for a House

I have been on a little blogging break due to internet problems on my desktop computer. Yes, I still have a desktop. I also have a tiny little laptop, which I love for portability, but not so much for regular use. Anyway, I'm sorry for the silence, and here's a little update from the weekend.

I headed to Dayton on Friday morning to pick up David and Shylah from the airport to start their search for a new house. We met up with Shylah's dad, Don, had a quick lunch, and met our realtor for the first round of houses. We saw seven houses on Friday afternoon, and learned a little about the city of Dayton, and what is currently on the market for perspective home buyers.

On Saturday morning, we were joined by Jim and Jonathan to start round 2. Jonathan and David greeted each other in the chilly morning air as we started our marathon day. I think there were 15 houses to see.

This was the most interesting item we saw in the houses we toured. This was a typical 70's two story on the outside, but had been updated with a sleek, modern, hotel lobby/office feel on the inside. This guy was in the corner of the kitchen. Very interesting.

With so many houses to see, we had to stop for a lunch break. David and Shylah were trying to keep all those houses straight while enjoying their burger at Steak n Shake.

When we had toured all the houses, and our heads were swimming with updated bathrooms, loft beds, self-closing drawers, big backyards, small backyards, basements, dining rooms, and even a fleur de lis bathroom, we said goodbye to the realtor and headed out to clear our heads. Of course, the boys chose this place. There was golf on. :)

Jon was heading home after the B-dub break. He also made a stop at Golf Galaxy.

The rest of us decided to spend the evening at a movie. I'm not sure when I was last in a movie theater, but I do know that the price of a movie is a lot higher than I remember. Not to mention the popcorn! I know, I sound really old.

We saw One for the Money with Katherine Heigl. Here are Shylah and David waiting for the movie to start, with her dad in the background. I wanted to get a video or at least audio of Jim during the movie. I was afraid his little snoring interlude might disturb the other movie-goers. Yes, the movie was riveting. Haha.

I did see this poster in the lobby for an upcoming movie. I just might have to see this one. But shouldn't it be called Jon, Who Lives at Home?

I'm thinking I could really relate to this film.

And after the movie, I suggested the perfect place for dessert. Graeter's might end up being one of my favorite things about Dayton!

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