Monday, February 18, 2013

Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone

We celebrated Strong Women on Saturday, particularly ONE Strong Woman, my friend Ruthann. As I have posted before, she will be starting chemotherapy TODAY (prayers everyone!).

Back near the end of December, shortly after she had been diagnosed, she wrote this on her Caring Bridge site:
"Now I need to schedule a party. We need a slogan, and we should choose colors, design a tee shirt, maybe pick an official flower...what do you think, Girlfriends? I did look it up last night in the wee hours, and the official ribbon color for leiomyosarcoma is purple. I'm thinking we might just tweak that just a little bit to more of a bright pink. I told Daryl I might get a purple ribbon tattoo! (Too much? I think so!)"
Of course, that's all it took to set the wheels in motion for an afternoon of love and laughter to show support for our dear friend.

We came up with a logo:

Two, in fact (thanks Erica!).
We decorated tables,
added flowers (thanks June Ann!),
made cupcakes (thanks Darci!),

and other yummy sweets,
printed t-shirts,
and made punch. School Girl Punch or Party Girl Punch, your choice. :)

Part of the set-up team.
We also printed scarves, which we used as chair ties for party favors.
Ruthann greeted friends,
fellow teachers,
and a whole lot of special women (and a few men) who came to show support.
There was, indeed, lots of laughter.

And a great big room full of love.

The party provided Ruthann's many friends the opportunity to share their love, their faith, and their words of encouragement on a day planned especially for that purpose. Folks who might not have wanted to 'bother' her with a phone call or visit were thankful for the chance to greet her in person before her treatments begin. Our prayer is that this strong outpouring of love for her will give her strength for the fight. And we know it will be one. Cancer is a formidable opponent. But we have a Great Big God, and we are putting our Trust in Him.
The teachers at the Junior High put together a video for Ruthann. Here are Matt and Lisa introducing it.
And I had to include all of these showing Ruthann's reaction as she watched.

Followed by a hug from Matt.

They did an awesome job on the video, so be sure to take a minute (or five) to watch!

Emily and Abby checking out the welcome table. We had little cards for folks to write words of encouragement to Ruthann. We will put them on a ring, and she can take them with her to read during treatments or anytime she needs a little love. :)
The bracelets say PRAY and F.L.A.G. Yes we will!
Sweet Abby signing her name to the 'guestbook' frame.
Anderson was anxious to try his cupcake.

I think he likes it!
He also liked 'sneaking up' on Aunt Ruthann.

Abby and Emily are pretty fond of Aunt Ruthann too.
As is her F.L.A.G. team.

And all the strong women who stopped by, signed their names,

gave hugs, and shared love with a very special lady.

We love you, Ruthann!

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