Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love and Hodgepodge

I have had a couple of pressing issues in the last couple weeks that have kept me away from the Hodgepodge. Specifically, church painting and jury duty. This week, I have neither, so I'm happy to say I'm baaaaack! No need to lose any more sleep over my absence. Ha!

Joyce has some great questions for this mid February Wednesday, so take a look at my answers then click on over to her blog to see what she and the others have to say.
Here we go!

1.  This week marks the beginning of Lent...will you be giving something up or adding anything to your life during this season of the year? 
As I have grown older, I have a better understanding of the season of Lent as a time of reflection and preparation. It is not so much the 'giving up', but rather the attempt to eliminate those things that distract us from keeping our focus on Jesus. The small sacrifices allow us to turn toward Him in prayer and give thanks for the great gift He has given us. Yes, I will be giving something up, and, after reading this post by Missy at It's Almost Naptime, I am going to try hard to be a gracer. During Lent and beyond.

2. The day before Lent is Shrove Tuesday... tradition states you eat pancakes on this day. In some parts of the world Shrove Tuesday is actually known as 'pancake day'. How do you like your pancakes? Or don't you? 
Jim is the pancake maker at our house, and he is good at it. We especially like them at tailgates in the fall, or on summer weekends at the lakehouse, or really anytime he makes them. If we have some, I like a few blueberries thrown in mine. Reminds me of summers at Lake Willoughby, Vermont when my Granny would make blueberry pancakes for us.

3.  I'm sure there are many, but what's one love song you really love? 
There are many, but I can't think of a better one than Annie's Song by John Denver.

4.  What are some things you do to let others know you love them? 
I try to:
Say it. Pray. Be kind. Be generous. Listen more, talk less. Practice the Golden Rule. Give hugs. Be a gracer. (See #1)

5., pink, or do you prefer another color? Can you recall the last time someone gave you flowers? Given your choice would you like to open the door and see a dozen red roses, a dozen purple tulips, or a dozen pink peonies?
I would choose pink roses. The last time I received flowers was last Wednesday when my husband won an award and the wife was given a dozen red roses. I think I would like to open the door to pink peonies, Indiana's state flower.

6.  President's Day will be celebrated in America next Monday. Does US Presidential history and trivia interest you?  Many Presidential homes are open to the public and offer guided tours...Monticello (Jefferson's home), Mount Vernon (Washington's home), Montpelier (James Madison's home), Hyde Park (FD Roosevelt's home) and The White House (home to the sitting President) to name just a few. Of those listed which would you be most interested in touring?  Why?
I have always had an interest in Presidential history and trivia. We tried to pass that along to our children by taking them on 'history' vacations. Said trips were carefully researched and planned in detail by me, and included me reading aloud from the guidebook as we approached each historical landmark. We have toured Monticello, Mount Vernon, and The White House. Those three seem most interesting to me, but I would tour the others, if given the opportunity.

Here we are at Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, where we were allowed a special tour of the second level, thanks to our friend who was a current UVA student and tour guide.

And here we are standing in front of Mount Vernon, George Washington's home.

Just behind the house, Jennifer pointed out the 'Atomic' River.
Potomac, Atomic, whatever.
The boys will never let her live that one down. :)

7.  Are you good at keeping secrets? 
Your secret is safe with me.
A wise woman I knew once said of a secret, "It's not mine to tell." I try to remember that.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Here is sweet Haleigh, modeling one of the scarves we have made for our 'Strong Women' party for my friend Ruthann. 
Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone.

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