Monday, April 29, 2013

Let's Put It All Together

On Friday morning, I made a quick trip to IKEA to pick up a daybed for the lake house. It seems there are times when we need more places for people to sleep. A great problem to have since it means a house full of family and friends. :)
I have written about IKEA before, and it really is quite an amazing place. Jennifer and I were there a couple weeks ago on a Tuesday, and the place was packed with mommys and kids. Turns out kids eat free on Tuesdays. Combine that with the childcare area, and it seems like a great way to spend the day.
I have also mentioned the fact that shopping at IKEA by yourself is hard work, especially if you plan to buy furniture. While everything is efficiently packed in flat boxes, the boxes weigh a ton. And I mean a ton. The handy carts are, indeed, handy, but they also have wheels that swivel in all directions, meaning they roll away when you're trying to load. I was able to help a couple of women who were struggling to load their stuff. IKEA folks don't offer to help, though I learned that they will help if asked. Thank goodness! Otherwise I would still be there trying to inch the boxes off the shelf and onto my cart. Whew!

After all that, I thought I deserved a little treat. The aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls greets you as you approach the checkout area. Those IKEA folks think of everything!

They are even offering a Mother's Day Brunch! And moms eat free! Genius! (Although brunch at IKEA would not be my first choice for a Mother's Day outing.) But that's just me.
The sign shows just how easy it is to get home with your boxes. That's right. Easzzzzy as pie!

I brought my big van, and after waiting around for a bit, I finally located an IKEA guy to help load the heavy stuff.

This woman found IKEA guys to help her fit all her stuff......

into that little car. I think she bought a patio table and six chairs.
And she followed me all the way to my exit and kept on going. We could have carpooled. :)

Friday night at the lake, I managed to assemble one of my purchases. A handy IKEA wine rack.

Saturday, Bryan and Jennifer joined us at the lake, and at Big Woods Brewery to celebrate their first anniversary.

We had fun watching video footage of their wedding day, and remembering the fun and special celebration from one year ago.
Happy Anniversary Bryan and Jennifer!

And of course, we celebrated with Big Woods' famous Pulled Pork Nachos. Best. Ever.

After dinner, we got to work assembling the daybed from IKEA.

Jennifer and Bryan just put together a dresser and nightstand for the baby's room, so they are self proclaimed IKEA experts.
It is rather amazing that this flat box of boards will actually make a sturdy and attractive bed.
Bryan and Jim followed Jennifer's instructions.
Bentley watched me as they worked on the trundle.
Such a handsome boy!
Work resumed the next morning.
Ready to assemble the drawers.
Jim's drawer,

and Jennifer's. I was just in charge of photos. :)
Ta da!!
Jim unwraps the mattress.
And Jennifer tries it out.
It will make a nice extra bed for when the house is full. And I do love a full house. :)
And when the work was done, Jim took a well-deserved rest.
Hard to believe, I know.

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