Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baskets, Bones, and Bunnies

My blogger friend, Joyce, is taking a Hodgepodge spring break this week, so there is no 'official' Hodgepodge post this Wednesday. Since I have a few phone photos to share, I thought I would do a quick wrap-up of the last few days, including our Easter weekend.

Darci shared this photo with me from the 'Journey to Jerusalem' egg hunt they had at church on Saturday. Notice the magnifying glass in Haleigh's hand. Always necessary when you are hunting for something.

Speaking of egg hunts, I thought I would throw in a few vintage photos. Here is Jennifer, age 3 1/2, hunting eggs at Nana's house.

Jonathan, 1995, with a basket full of eggs.

David and Adam. The year of the broken arms. David's was broken during an intense game of driveway basketball. It required a trip to the ER, followed by late-night surgery in Cincinnati.
Adam's was broken three days later, when he jumped/fell/was pushed off the footstool. Boys
Reminds me of one of my favorite wise sayings of Jim's Uncle Gilman: "One boy's a boy, two boys are half a boy, and three boys are no boy at all." So true. :)

Here are some of the cousins that same year. And Caroline (front center) had just gotten the cast off of her arm. Broken the same week. Also at our house. (She fell/jumped off the swing set). And yes, I worried that I would be turned in to child protective services.

Here they are, with their broken arms. David, Adam, and Caroline.

And this year. Grown up kids (and mom) having fun with the Easter bunny.

Two cuties in their Easter dresses.

And yes, I ate a few too many of these. Favorite.

On Sunday evening, my friend Ann and her family came for a visit. Ann and I have been friends forever, and spent many years dancing side by side, as you can see in this photo. We don't get to see each other very often, and it is always fun to get together.

She and her husband have three girls, and the two younger ones came along for the visit. (Megan is away at college). Tess showed me the bunny cookies they brought. So cute and yummy. (Tess is pretty cute too, and entertained us with her dancing.)

Lizzie made friends with Gumbo, and they spent time snuggling together. I was a little worried that she might try to take Gumbo home in her pocket. Everybody loves Gumbo.

Darci sent me this picture of two cuties wearing their bunny glasses. Funny bunnies.

And today, I got to spend my morning with these three precious little girls. My great-niece and two granddaughters.

And we were singing a happy song!

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