Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mamas and Boys and Bruce, Oh My!

Last Saturday, I headed to West Lafayette for my last Moms' Weekend at Purdue. Seems like just yesterday that we were moving Adam into his dorm at Cary Quad, and here he is, a senior.

I saw this truck on my way up. That's a lot of coffee!

The boys at AGR greeted the moms, and we enjoyed a nice lunch together. I gave special thanks to their cook, Jackie, for taking such good care of Adam, and making sure he always had something to eat. :) Sometimes that's a bit of a challenge. He's a picky one, that Adam.

After lunch, it was time to move downstairs for the auction. The moms donate items, then bid against one another to purchase said items at highly inflated prices. Genius!

This year, it was a treat that one of the boys (I call them boys) is a real auctioneer. He did a fabulous job fast-talking the bids up and keeping track of the winning bidders.

They auctioned off a wide variety of items, including full coolers, mirrors made of tractor tires,
illuminated cattle skulls,
and this cute little bucket of goodies, which I was able to purchase. I thought it would be a good addition to our tailgating set-up.

A couple of the boys and their families donated this unique set of barstools and table. It's amazing what can be done with a welding torch and a couple of kegs.
It was a hotly contested item, bringing over $1000.
Just what everyone needs in their home. No, I was not the winning bidder.

And just for fun, one of the boys modeled the embroidered tie up for bid.
 And he was quite the model.

Doesn't every fraternity have a truck in the basement? Oh, boys.

After shopping or naps, we enjoyed dinner together with the senior class and moms. Alex, Adam, and Alan are being photo bombed by Kyle. Oh, boys.

Next stop, the world famous Neon Cactus.
 We arrived early, and waited for the doors to open.
 The whole group posed for a picture.

We even got a photo of Adam and his mama.

Inside, we got our Cactus Cups, and found our seats in the piano bar.
 Courtney came along too.

We played a card game while we waited for Bruce to get started.
Kyle explained the game to the moms. We weren't very good at it. I think I might have lost.
 Kyle's mama gave him a little pinch.

Adam's friends Kyle and Alan and their moms pose with us.

Adam and me.
 Alan and his mom.

And heeeeeeerrrre's Bruce! Bruce is the world-renowned piano man at the Neon Cactus. He is talented, entertaining, and a little bit inappropriate. (Actually, a lot inappropriate.)

Elton John showed up.

He even did a country song or two.
Clark danced with Kyle's mom,
and Kyle danced with Clark's mom. I didn't do any dancing.

Back at the house, I posed with Adam on the formal stairs which may only be used by alumni or seniors nearing graduation. It was a fun evening with a good group of boys. My last boy. To graduate. Oh my!

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