Monday, September 9, 2013

Football and Futbol

We kicked off the Purdue home football season on Saturday with a beautiful, sunny, hot day at Ross-Ade Stadium. Saturdays at the stadium are a sure sign that summer's over as we start another season of tailgating and touchdowns. Hopefully we will score a few. We've got the tailgating covered at least. :)

I realized that my first blog post was four years ago on Monday after the first Purdue home football game. Boiler Football Begins!! was the start of both the new season and my career as a blogger. It's been fun to document and share a little part of our family through (a lot of) photos and (a few) words over the last four years. God is good.

Shylah and Ella are ready for some football!
Ella is not always sure about Uncle David. If he has chips, they are fast friends. Otherwise, it takes her a few minutes to warm up to him.
She eventually found her smile, and all was well.
Jim got busy cooking the pancakes.
Purdue pancakes!
Andrew was busy at a cattle sale, so Darci and the girls came without him.
I tried to get a good shot of mommy and her girls.
So cute!
They are ready to Boiler Up!
Darci, her sister Betsy, and Shylah.
David and his mentor professor, Dr. Dave McMillin. They always enjoy a chance to chat about chemistry.
The student section was enthusiastic on this very hot day.
New coach, Darrell Hazell walking the sidelines at his first home game. Interestingly, we had a new coach at that first game four years ago, too.
I always enjoy the band at half time.
Especially the World's Largest Drum!
Since it was band day, the Purdue band was joined on the field by the ISU band and a multitude of high school bands from around the state. It's a fun day for all.
Darci and her sisters Leigh and Betsy, and Haleigh and Ella, trying to keep cool during the third quarter.
Because at the end of the third quarter, it's time to SHOUT!
David loves this part.
They're smiling because the time to SHOUT is over.
Meanwhile, back at the tailgate lot....
The game got a little dicey near the end, and ISU was set up to score a touchdown for the win when Ricardo Allen saved the day with an interception. Praise the Lord! That's him, #21, in the center of the photo, being congratulated after the game.
And the W flag went up for the win!
After the game, we made a stop to visit our littlest Boiler fan and share some pizza with his mommy and daddy. Touchdown Boilers!!
Next on the agenda, a stop at a different kind of football/futbol field to see Dara playing for the Lady Eagles in the Zionsville Invitational. She's a senior this year, and the team is playing well, with a current record of 5-1.
Student fans on the custom painted sofas.
Dara is ready for the ball.
Number 4 takes it away...
then hits the turf.
*Edited to add that this play, among others, earned Dara the "hustle award" from the Lady Eagle coaching staff after the game. Go Dara!

Don't worry, she's ok! They got the win, 1-0, over Evansville Memorial, defending state champs.
God provided a beautiful sunset over the field as we left, thankful for the day, for sports, and for family.

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