Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reminds Me of the One I Love, Deep in the Heart of Texas

We had a beautiful day on Saturday to honor the bride-to-be, my niece, Caroline, with a shower at Highpoint Orchard. Caroline went off to college at Texas A&M, and never looked back. She and Brian are getting married on the Saturday after Christmas in College Station. To celebrate our Texas bride, we used a Texas theme for the shower decorations. I used some recently acquired barn wood to make a sign with their 'brand' inside the state of Texas.
Texas flags, roses, bluebonnets, hats and boots decorated the Mill Barn.
Darci made Texas shaped cookies for favors for the guests.

We had cupcakes, made by Darci,
and a little Texas A&M Margarita punch.
Ruthann had a chance to meet Baby Noah, just one month old.
Lunch included apple slaw, corn and bean salsa, and beef barbecue sliders.
The beautiful bride-to-be had a special cowboy hat, made by Becky.
She opened many lovely gifts,
including a beautiful scarf, which could also be used for a pretty table cover.
Caroline had lots of helpers to assist with opening her gifts.
Arden opened a whisk,
and Shayne opened two spatulas.
Drumsticks? On your head?
A little ring-around-the-rosie,
and some rocking on the porch.
She received a custom made Texas-shaped cutting board. As she opened her gifts, the giver was invited to share a funny story or special memory about Caroline. We had lots of stories, and lots of laughs.
It was a great day, and we loved hosting a fun party for the little girl who is all grown up and ready to get married! Becky, Caroline, Ruthann, and I after the shower.
Jennifer and Caroline.
Her pretty hat,
and the special book Becky made to record her gifts.
Grandma Gunn with Elizabeth and Caroline.
Lauren, Elizabeth, Grandma Gunn, Caroline, and Jordan.
Aunt Caroline (Aunt Bubs), with the triplets, Arden, Harper, and Emerson.
Mom Erica, Aunt Bubs, and the triplets.
Caroline and her mama.
It was such a blessing to have Caroline back home in Indiana and to celebrate her upcoming marriage. Our children have a treasury of special memories of times spent with their cousins, and Caroline spent lots of time with our family. There was rarely a dull moment around here, and Caroline was right in the mix, be it roller blading in the warehouse, making her way down to the track at the Kenny Chesney concert, falling jumping off the swingset and breaking her arm, or arguing talking with Jonathan in the back of the van. And now that spunky, outgoing, and determined little girl has grown into a beautiful and successful young woman who will soon be a bride.
The stars at night are big and bright,
Deep in the heart of Texas.
Reminds me of the one I love,
Deep in the heart of Texas.

May God bless Texas, 
and the marriage of Brian and Caroline.

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