Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Day

A winter storm moved through our area on Thursday and Friday, closing schools and leaving plenty of ice and snow in its wake. Matthew was scheduled to get off the bus at our house after school on Friday, and my plan was to take him with us to get our Christmas tree. We didn't do it last weekend since we had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I didn't want to skip Thanksgiving by putting up our Christmas tree too early! I guess I'm one of those who likes to take one holiday at a time. Weird, I know. :)

Since he had the day off from school, Matthew came to our house early. We decided it would be best to go ahead and get the tree before we were snowed in completely. (They were predicting a possibility of 12 inches.) Jim got a truck, and we made the treacherous scenic drive to the tree farm, just a few miles away. While I gripped the seat and prayed we would avoid the ditch, Jim tuned the radio to Christmas music to enhance our holiday experience.
We had the place all to ourselves, and were able to select from some trees that had been brought inside to keep them snow-free.

Jim and Matthew took a look at a few before deciding on one.
Then Jim and Mike, the owner, carried it over to the shaker.
The shaker gets rid of all the loose needles, so they don't fall off in our house.
Then the tree is drilled so it will slip right onto our stand.
I don't think the wagon was going to be driving into the field yesterday. The snow continued to fall all day.
The tree shed and the church in the pretty little country village of Enochsburg.
When we got back, Matthew wanted to spend some time outside. We gathered embellishments for a snowman, but couldn't get the snow to pack well. We tried to have a snowball fight, but the powdery snow broke apart in the air before hitting its target. (Lucky for me, I think.) We wrote our names in the snow on the parking lot, then Matthew decided to do some shoveling.
He made a path from the office door to our back gate while the snow continued to fall.
What a worker!
Great job, Matthew!
I took a photo of one of our wreaths at about 11 am, and again at about 3 pm. It just kept snowing.
And while yesterday was cold and gray while the storm moved through, this morning we awoke to blue sky and sunshine. Still cold, of course.
All is calm, all is bright.
And these two were ready for their turn to play in the snow. Their mommy sent me this picture. Wonder how long they lasted outside?

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