Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School Social #TBTStories

It's Thursday, and I'm finally getting around to posting another throwback story. This one is in honor of September, which traditionally means back to school. Of course, around here, it is August that actually marks the start of the school year, and kids in our little town have a month in already.

Back when our kids were in elementary school, we had a 'Back to School Social', when families would come together for a fun evening of games and activities which centered around a theme. We had a circus theme, a western theme, and a beach theme, which is the one featured in the photo below.
I'm not sure why the kids look so excited in the photo, but Jim and I seem to be the only ones smiling. I'm smiling because all the plans and decorations are done, we had eaten our picnic supper, and all the kids seem to have shirts on. Of course, the picnic consisted of cheese and crackers, but whatever. :)

I spent quite a bit of time practically lived at school when our kids were little, helping in classrooms, planning fundraisers, going on field trips, or delivering treats to the teachers. I learned that there were parents who weren't as comfortable at school, and the Back to School Social allowed folks to come together in a relaxed, fun atmosphere where everyone could feel at ease. A picnic in the school yard (or in the hallway if it rained), carnival games, and a fun photo op provided a great way to start the year and get to know the parents, kids, and teachers in our elementary school family. 

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Terri D said...

Great photos and memories! Thanks for sharing!!