Friday, September 19, 2014

Movers and Shakers

Last weekend was a busy one, and I'm finally getting around to a little recap. On Friday, Adam closed on his house! It's so exciting that he is no longer homeless. Ha! When he got back to the his house after the closing, we were there in the driveway ready to unload the first wave of 'stuff' one needs to set up a home. (My grandma alway said, "when they went to housekeeping.") We borrowed a nice truck from Don Meyer Ford (thanks Jon!), and Jon and Andrew helped Jim with the loading on this end, while Adam and David were there to unload at the new homestead. Teamwork!
Of course, he is still missing some key pieces of furniture, so the floor had to suffice for a little rest when the work was done. Is Jim snoring?
We were back the next morning to pick up the tailgating crew and head to downtown Indy for the Purdue/Notre Dame game. Our van, the silver bullet' has been earning her keep for over 15 years on occasions just like this one, and has covered over 250,000 miles. We're not sure of the exact number since the odometer quit working. Thankfully, the rest of her is going strong!
It was a beautiful day in the tailgate neighborhood, with a great view of Lucas Oil Stadium. It did take a bit of maneuvering to get satisfactorily situated in Tailgate Town, but we were soon up and running. There was food to eat, music to enjoy, prizes to win, plates to buy, and all sorts of activities around the town. And the weather was perfect!
Our new flagpole is awesome! Happy Birthday, Jim! :)
Time for some cornhole!
Spirit tattoos for the ladies.
Megan and Jim share some dessert.
 Shaking up some team spirit. Go Boilers!
It was great to have Adam's high school friends Jay, George, and Cory join us for the festivities.
Chellsey, Megan, and Courtney.
Cory, Jay, George, and Adam. Together again.
And just for fun, here are a couple of photos of the same group from spring break in Grand Cayman their senior year of high school.
 Waaaayyyy back in 2009. :)

Back to the present… Shylah and David enjoying Tailgate Town.
It was tricky, but we even managed to get Jonathan in and parked after he finished working.
He also ran into some 'old' friends, Ciara and Tim. They're married now, and Jon claims just a little credit for the matchmaking. #lookinfor#12
Here's the whole group.
And another of the real whole group taken by a neighboring tailgater so I could get in it. Yay.
Big Purdue Pete standing behind Adam, Shylah, and David. Hammer Down!
After a loooonnnngg walk up the ramps in Lucas Oil Stadium, we were finally in our seats. And here come the Boilers!!
 The roof is open!
 David and Matthew ready for the game.
 Granny, David, and Matthew.
The Boilers played well (which was a nice surprise), but still came up short in the end. We won't have to play those pesky Irish again until September 19, 2020. For now, we'll just keep backin' our Boilers!

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Great photos and what fun everyone had!