Thursday, October 16, 2014


It was a beautiful day for a tailgate, and last Saturday was almost perfect. The flags were flyin', the food was cookin', and we had almost everyone there for the game (all but Jon, whose j-o-b interferes with his football Saturdays), which featured Purdue against Michigan State. We even had a 3:30 start time, meaning we didn't have to leave at the crack of dawn!
We missed these three at the game, but they were cheering the Boilers from Grandma and Grandpa Robison's house. Boiler Up Kiddos!
We did have this little guy, who we picked up with his parents after picking up Adam and Courtney. Got that? We were running the Silver Bullet Boiler Shuttle!
After our arrival, these three hit the Boiler Fan Shop for some retail therapy.
Noah's new hat was almost the perfect size for his baby noggin'. He and Grandpa were ready for some football!
Adam, in his new birthday britches, and Courtney were teaching Noah all about corn hole.
He also tried out a spot under the table.
Adam and Courtney boilerin' it up.
Jamalyn and Dave stopped by, and Jamalyn was thrilled to meet Dr. Beering and wife Jane. Her bucket list is almost complete now. The Beering family was tailgating just two spots away from us, and we learned it was the first tailgate ever for the elder Beerings.
Nathan was interested in the big boys and their game of beverage pong.
Soon, he was ready to try it himself. I think he was almost the winner.
The Williamson gang posed for a photo before moving on to their next stop on their tailgate tour.
Adam and Andrew spent some time playing corn hole.
While Noah was ready for a little snooze.
They call this one 'the outlaws.'
Dr. Dave stopped by to visit with Dr. David. Chemistry buddies.
Future QB?
The 'fancy pants' trio.
Noah and I went over to pay a visit to the Ricke tailgate, and Noah and Nora had a chance to get acquainted. He's telling her how he almost beat his uncles in a heated game of corn hole.
Two Boiler cuties!
Andrew and Darci met up with their friends Luke and Betsy. Noah got in the picture as well.
Noah thinks it's almost time to clean up and head to the stadium.
Boiler Up Baby!

Granny and Noah!
Noah was lookin' good in his 'Hammer Down Cancer' cap. On that note, I am giving thanks today for my friend Ruthann and her clear scans at MDA in Houston! Praise God! Hammer Down Cancer!
Noah and Courtney.
Noah and Adam. Now those are some fine pants. They will make another appearance cheering on the Saints in New Orleans next week. Who Dat!
Bryan, Noah, and Jennifer.
David, Shylah, and Kyle.
It's almost game time, and Noah is excited to be settled in our seats.
Here comes the drum!
In honor of 'Hammer Down Cancer' the team was wearing neon green, highlighting the fight against cancer.
We got this close to beating a very good team, and although we didn't end up on top, we were almost there. And there's hope. Hail Purdue!

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Terri D said...

What a fun post, and that final score is a win anyway, when so many fans are there to cheer on the team!

Love the pants on those guys - especially that little guy!!