Friday, October 10, 2014

American Girls

I made a quick trip to Chicago earlier this week, and while I didn't do so well taking pictures, I did make some happy memories. I drove to Lafayette after church on Sunday to meet Becky at her house. From there, we loaded up her sweet grandson Benjamin and headed to Chicago to take him back to his parents. Rich and Becky had enjoyed a couple days of 'Ben time' with him. He was a little uncomfortable, due to those pesky molars coming in, so I was the designated 'baby whisperer' for the ride up. I did my best. (While checking my phone for updates on my team, who managed to win in overtime. Who Dat!)

We had a lovely evening visiting with Erin, Larry, and Benjamin in their beautiful home, and David, Katie, and baby Patrick joined us as well.

On Monday, Becky and I headed into the city to meet up with Darci, Leslie, Haleigh, and Ella at the American Girl Store in Water Tower Place. After we parked, we walked around the block and saw the original Water Tower.
We found the girls, and they were thrilled to be able to look at all the beautiful dolls and accessories in the American Girl collection. The first three dolls made their debut in 1986, and the beautiful catalogs found their way to our door for many years. The company has grown since then, and the Chicago store is quite the marketing achievement.
I particularly liked a new-to-me doll, Caroline. (Named for niece Caroline, no doubt.)
The doll of the year for 2014, is Isabelle, a dancer. Haleigh posed beside an Isabelle look-alike.
As did Ella.
Two little dancers.
After doing a little 'shopping', it was time for lunch at the American Girl Cafe. There are little chairs for the dolls that attach to the table during the meal. The girls were fortunate to have some 'vintage' dolls along to join them for lunch. Darci's 'Samantha' doll is on the left, Jennifer's 'Samantha' doll is in the center, and Grandma Stewart's 'Molly' is on the right. Grandma Stewart had Molly at her house for the granddaughters and friends to play with when they visited.
Haleigh smiles between Samantha and Molly. The napkin rings are hair ties with pink petals that the girls can keep and wear.
Darci and the girls.
Ella, with Darci's Samantha.
Haleigh, with Jennifer's Samantha. The dolls enjoyed their tea from little cups which were theirs to keep. We had several comments from the store staff about how much fun it is for them to see the original dolls and outfits. So glad we kept them! (Shocking, I know.)  :)
After a delicious lunch, we were served a tasty and pretty dessert of a cupcake and chocolate mousse.
Granny and the girls. Haleigh eyes. And Ella eyes. :)
Before lunch, Becky and I took 'our' Kirsten dolls to the hair salon for a new 'do'. The dolls actually belong to our daughters, Katie and Jennifer, and were both in need of a little hair attention. There is an entire book of styles from which to choose, but we both wanted Kirsten's original looped braids. Although I didn't take a real 'before' photo, this is Jennifer's doll in the chair, waiting for the stylist to begin. Jennifer had taken her braids out a long time ago. At least she didn't cut her hair, like someone else we know. :)
After lunch, both dolls were braided and bow-ed, and ready to go.
Braids are back! I was so pleased with her new (old) look! I will have to dig around for the original hair bows, which were not shiny satin like the ones they use now, but more of a homespun look.
The girls posed with the newly coiffed dolls.
We took a little walk over to the Lego store, and Ella liked this Lego girl. It's nice that there are Legos that appeal to girls now.
She also liked this Lego guy outside the store.
They each got an American Girl Mini Doll, and they both selected 'Julie.' Cousin Clara has the regular size Julie doll, and they both think she is beautiful. As is Cousin Clara. :)
Becky and I said our goodbyes, and headed out of town. Past Soldier Field...
 across the bridge (my obligatory bridge photo)...
and past the windmills, back home. In Indiana.

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Loved this!! What a great time you all had (including the dolls!).