Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello NOLA

Jim and I went to New Orleans for the first time in the fall of 2009 to see our Saints play. They were undefeated at the time, and would go on to win the Super Bowl that season. We had so much fun at the game and enjoying the city, that we have made it an annual event. We went last weekend, and this year, Adam and Courtney came along. It worked out well, since it was Adam's birthday weekend.
Ready to board in Indy.
Adam likes silly selfies. Silly Adam!
Riding the train between terminals in Houston. As granddaughter Haleigh says, "This train's a party!" (What she heard when the speaker said, "This train is departing.") We were smiling here, but a little disappointed to learn that our flight was delayed. Fortunately, we got out of Houston.
My first glimpse of the Superdome, all in pink for breast cancer month.
We were greeted in our room with fresh fruit and fleur de lis water.
Even though it was late, we headed over to Bourbon Street and tried a hurricane at Pat O'brien's.
Their first night on Bourbon Street, still hoppin' at 2 am on a Thursday night.
We walked past the cathedral to Pirates' Alley, but the bar was closed.
So back we went to Pat O'brien's, where Jim and Courtney found some cute hats.
On Friday morning, we headed over to Canal Street to catch the St. Charles streetcar to take us to the Garden District.
The streetcar is a New Orleans tradition, and even though Adam did not think it was the most efficient means of transportation (he's a process engineer), it is part of the NOLA experience. The houses along St. Charles Avenue are beautiful, and the beads in the trees sparkle in the midday sunshine. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Our destination? Commander's Palace, another New Orleans tradition. We like to go for lunch, when they serve 25 cent martinis, and it's a little more casual.
There's Adam, with his martini and his full glass of water. The staff keeps the water glasses full at all times, and even switch them out for fresh ones halfway through the meal.
I took a trip to the restroom before dessert, and came back to find a few photos on my phone.
Silly Adam!
And this. This is maybe my favorite dessert in the world. I may have mentioned it before.
Oh. My. Goodness. Bread pudding soufflé. It has to be ordered at the beginning of the meal since it is made to order and cannot be rushed. The top is pierced, and the waiter spoons the warm whiskey cream sauce over the top. Heaven.
The extra cream sauce does not go to waist, either. Well not that waist, anyway. :)
Jim and I after lunch.
Adam and Courtney.
And a foursome selfie outside the restaurant.
To walk off our lunch (ha!) we took a little tour of the Garden District. This is the house in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
There are many, many beautiful homes and fences.
This is the home of Archie and Olivia.
You may have heard of two of their sons, Peyton and Eli.
Jim's favorite, the cornstalk fence. I think he would like to install one here at our house.
Adam checked it out.

We went back to the hotel and had a few minutes to rest before heading out to meet our guide for the cocktail tour. On our way, we saw this sign:
I guess it's worth more if it's haunted?

We like to go on the cocktail tour every year, and were happy that Joe Gendusa was one of the tour guides. We (along with a few others) asked to be in his group. He's a little famous.
First stop, Tujague's. It has the oldest bar in the country, no stools, and a giant mirror that was shipped over from Europe. Joe tells lots of good tales, and like many good story tellers, may mix a little fiction with the facts.
Here he is outside Tujague's, telling about when the bar was men-only, with a trough below so that you didn't lose your spot at the bar when, you know, nature called. Fact or fiction?
One of the specialty drinks there was the grasshopper. Yum! Adam also tried the Sazarac, a famous New Orleans cocktail. He wasn't a fan.
More stories.
Beautiful buildings...
and haunted balconies.
One of our favorite spots is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. Their hurricanes are the. best. ever.
Adam and Courtney.
Jim and Susan.
Mom and Dad with our little boy. All grown up.
We were glad Joe included Pirate's Alley on the tour, since we were too late the night before.
It's here that they make the green fairy, with absinthe dripped through a sugar cube.

Served by a pirate wench.
Back on Royal Street after the tour, we enjoyed a second line wedding parade, one of several we saw over the weekend.
We ate a late dinner at Acme Oyster House.
Courtney and Adam smiling...
and gazing.
Adam even tried the char grilled oysters! One of my favorites.
From the top of the hotel, we could see the lights of the city...
and the rooftop pool.
And Jim was plum tuckered out. Surprise surprise. I'll post the remainder of the recap in a day or two. We haven't even gotten to the game yet!
Goodnight NOLA!

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Terri D said...

Oh my, what fun!! Joe and I are going for a week in May, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! We love NOLA! You have mentioned a few places we have not experienced. I'm taking notes! Thanks for sharing!