Friday, January 30, 2015

Showering Miss Courtney

We had a shower for Courtney with our side of the family last Saturday at the home of Ruthann. Unfortunately, Ruthann was under the weather with a nasty cough and cold, and Janet was on the road, leaving Becky to assume the hostess duties. Fortunately, she was able to call in Leslie (along with Darci who provided the delicious cupcakes) to save the day. These women are professional shower givers. I'm pretty sure they were responsible for these towels in the powder room. They don't miss a thing!
Courtney was adorable opening her many lovely gifts. Won't she make a beautiful bride?
She got some help from Ella, who enthusiastically delivered even the largest gifts for opening. Maid of honor Chellsey kept track of the gift givers.

Haleigh helped a bit as well.
It's always nice to have helpers around, and believe me when I say that before we know it, it will be these little girls opening gifts as brides-to-be. Don't blink.
Ruthann gave her a sweet framed Norman Rockwell print called 'Happy Birthday Miss Jones.' Rockwell painted it as a tribute to his own eighth grade teacher who encouraged him to draw. It will be a reminder (some days an encouragement) to Courtney of the important work she does every day.
Courtney and her mama.
Courtney with her bestie and maid of honor, Chellsey.
All the Stewart women. Jennifer, Susan, Courtney, Haleigh, Darci, Ella, Shylah.
Haleigh and Courtney all smiles.
Ella loves her soon-to-be Aunt Courtney. She also looooves Chellsey. It's just too bad that I didn't get a photo of her with them with her eyes open! Wake up, Ella!
It was a lovely day, and I am so thankful for Ruthann, Janet, Becky, Leslie, Darci, and all those in attendance for making it special for Courtney. She received many beautiful and useful gifts, as well as some valuable words of advice, but more importantly, I think she felt the love of friends and family who are happy and blessed to have her in our lives.

Speaking of happy and blessed, Adam came when things were finishing up to help load the gifts, and willingly (sorta) pose for a photo. Aren't they cute? Just 49 days and her students will have to remember to call her Mrs. Stewart (and she will have to remember to answer to it!)


Terri D said...

Ah, what a wonderful celebration!! Yes, she will be a beautiful bride, indeed. Great photos and thank you for sharing the love with us!

Cathy said...

Looks like fun. There will be a shower for my daughter in about 4 weeks. Fun times!