Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shine on, Sandi!

We had a good time last weekend as Jim and I headed north to see our friend Sandi Patty perform in Wabash, Indiana. Yes, we are groupies true fans.
I feel a little connection to Wabash, Indiana, since my mom grew up there. When I was a child, I heard many, many stories from my Mamaw about Wabash, Indiana. And she always, always, referred to it as Wabash, Indiana. First and last names. Once a year, we gathered in the city park for the reunion of my grandfather's family. He was one of 12 children, so it was a big event. Most years, we would also go back to the home of his parents, my great-grandparents, Grandma and Grandpap.
One of the most colorful stories, a legend, really, is the story of Modoc the elephant. As the story goes, the circus came to the little town of Wabash, Indiana and pitched their tents at the high school, which was right in town. Three elephants, tied up nearby, were frightened by a barking dog (who was probably frightened by the sight of three elephants at the high school), and broke loose. Two of them continued grazing nearby, but the third, Modoc, stormed into the downtown area. She smelled the peanuts roasting at the drug store on the corner, and ran in the front door, ate a few peanuts, and ran out the back door. She was on the loose for five days before they finally lured her onto a trailer by leaving a bread-loaf trail. My then 7-year-old mother remembers being scared to death that Modoc would come storming around the corner of their house on Elm Street. You can read the full story of Modoc's adventure here.

The old drug store now bears the name 'Modoc's Market' and serves specialty coffees, cold drinks, and snacks, and sells elephant-themed gifts and circus memorabilia. The elephant sculptures outside commemorate that 1942 incident when Modoc made her famous visit to downtown Wabash, Indiana.

We checked in to our room at the Charley Creek Inn, which is situated right between Modoc's Market and the beautiful Honeywell Center, where Sandi would perform.
I was especially fond of the curtain rods in our room. :)
Rich and Becky met us to have dinner and attend the concert together, and they arrived at the hotel first and headed to the on-site wine shop for a little tasting. Walking through the lobby, I noticed this plate, which documents another Wabash, Indiana claim to fame, as the First Electrically Lighted City in the World. Bet you didn't know that!
We located the wine shop, and had a lovely time tasting some new wines. I purchased a chocolate wine that I may add to my milkshakes (or my peppermint ice cream). Yum!
I thought Modoc's Market looked especially nice after sundown. There are renovated apartments on the second floor.
After a delicious dinner at Twenty Restaurant in the hotel, it was time for the concert!
We aren't too good at selfies, but we tried one from our seats down front.
Becky and Rich were sitting just a bit behind us, in two different rows. :) Ruthann, who sadly wasn't able to join us, likes to purchase 'best available' tickets, which sometimes means single seats that aren't side by side. We missed R and D! (Sandi did, too.)
Susan and Becky. (Sandi was busy warming up.)
Soon we were listening to our old favorite songs of praise and worship by Sandi Patty.
It's fun when she performs in Indiana, as it usually means some of her family can join her. That was true on Saturday, as she introduced her parents and her brother, three of their children,
and grandson Thatcher.
She sang one of my favorites to him, 'Masterpiece.'

Here is a little video clip of her singing to baby Thatch. So cute!

She gave her usual good show, singing some of our favorites and inviting the audience to sing along.
Her son, Jonathan, came out to join her, and she told about her dad giving her '5 minutes' to sing solo back in the days when their family was performing. Now she gives Jonathan '5 minutes.' He sang 'It is Well With My Soul', and joined Sandi on 'You'll Never Walk Alone.' Powerful.

She told a few stories, had some fun, and we worshipped together.
She ended the show by telling how she and her husband, Don, pray the Lord's Prayer over their children, wherever they may be. Then she sang the same prayer over everyone in attendance by waving off the accompanist and stepping in front of the microphone to fill the auditorium with her voice alone, in prayer. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

Back at the hotel, we noticed some of the rooms had familiar names. Hail Purdue!
This is the view of the hotel lobby from the upstairs lounge.
We sat in the lounge after the show and shared some wine and conversation. A lovely evening with Sandi and friends.
We woke to a little snow, but not as much as had been predicted. I stepped out of the hotel lobby to take one more photo of Modoc's Market, but it didn't open until 11 a.m., and we needed to be on our way.
Before we headed south, we took a little drive around town. The house where my mom grew up has been sadly neglected. She has many fond memories of the house, the neighborhood, and the town of Wabash, Indiana.
The Wabash County Courthouse stands proudly in the center of town. It is from this dome that the lights were switched on back in 1880 to forever declare Wabash the First Electrically Lighted City in the World! Let your light shine!


Terri D said...

Sandi has such a beautiful voice! Thanks for including the video clip! What a wonderful time you all had. The hotel is lovely and the stories you shared are fun. It's sad that your family's home is so neglected now. I hate seeing that. I really enjoyed your post!!

Tori Leslie said...

I love all your photos. That hotel room was lovely! Glad you had such a good time with friends!

Cathy said...

I would love to see Sandi in concert again sometime. It's been a long time.