Friday, February 6, 2015


Grandson Noah is at the stage when he wants to be up. On everything. During my Tuesdays with Noah, I spend lots of time keeping him safe from his desire to climb. on. everything.

He likes to stand up on this box.
Put a leg up on the gate.
Reach up for his crayons.
I think he was trying to sneak up onto the couch. Do you see me Granny?
And he can climb up to take a look out the window.
After all that climbing, it's time to buckle up for a little ride in his cozy coupe. Bye bye, Noah!
Soon, it will be time for him to meet up with his new little sister,  face up to the reality of sharing his mommy and daddy, and cuddle up with their new little family of four. Lots of excitement coming up!

Speaking of up, Noah's cousin Matthew is turning 11 today! He is helpful and handsome, sweet and smart, clever and congenial. His sisters and cousins look up to him, and we are proud and blessed to watch him grow up.
Happy Birthday, Matthew!
Granny loves you!


Cathy said...

Such wonderful "up" photos!

Joyce said...

That little one looks like a fun, mischevious, clever, adorable handful! Enjoy!

Linda Kay said...

Very cute...some kids are really climbers. Maybe it's a sign of things to come?