Saturday, February 14, 2015

Share the Love

Haleigh stayed overnight with us last night, all by herself. Sometimes it's fun to have some one on one time. We had dinner with her family, then brought her home with us where we watched a little tv, read some stories, and snuggled her into bed with pillows, blankets, and lots of stuffed animals.

This morning, our plan was to make some heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day, or as she likes to call it, Lovinhearts (or Lovintines) Day. Lovin' the lovin'. :) We mixed the batter in a ziploc bag for easy squeezing of the hearts.
She mixed with the whisk, and then finished up with her hands.

I squeezed it into one side and snipped the corner to draw the heart shapes onto the griddle.
With a little practice, I was able to make some reasonably recognizable hearts.

Maybe next year, we'll add some red food coloring for pink hearts.
Haleigh was ready to serve, and called Grandpa in the office to tell him that the pancakes were ready.
Grandpa enjoyed his stack o' hearts with blueberries.
Very tasty!
In addition to the heart shapes, Haleigh asked for a pancake in the shape of mouse ears. She's still relishing the memory of their recent trip to WDW. This was the best I could do.
Haleigh also invited her stuffed friends to join us for breakfast. Good thing they don't eat much.
She asked for a braid like Elsa, of Frozen fame, and we enjoyed watching an earlier Disney film, Mary Poppins, together. It was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!
We finished up by working a puzzle,
which she did all by herself.
Ta da!

I posted this card on Facebook to my Valentine, Jim (very appropriate, don't you think?).

These little cuties in Fondwa, Haiti, would love to have a Valentine to sponsor them all year long. We're trying to get 14 new sponsors by the 14th. Maybe one might be you? (And sponsors are welcome any time, even after the 14th.) Share the love!

Finally, I took my friend Ruthann for a scan on Thursday, as a follow-up to her visit to MDAnderson last week. While I was in the waiting room, this verse came across my Instagram feed, and I made it part of my prayer time during her scan. On Friday morning, our Hope turned to Joy as the report was a clear scan! Our God is an awesome God.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.
"We love because He first loved us." ~1 John 4:19

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Joyce said...

I'm going to adopt Hayleigh's word-I love it! And the pancakes are super cute : )