Thursday, April 2, 2015

A+C The Day

I hope to do several posts about Adam and Courtney's wedding rather than post a zillion photos all at once. Okay, maybe not a zillion, but pretty close to it. :)

The Day.
I was up early the morning of the wedding for an errand to purchase a forgotten item. I remembered lanterns and faces and oranges (oh my!) but forgot the jewelry I had selected to wear to the wedding. So off I went to the mall to purchase replacements.

When I walked out of the hotel to cross to the parking garage, I stopped in wonder and thanks for the bright blue sky God had painted for us that morning. A beautiful day for a wedding. As a wise pastor always assures us, no matter the weather or mishaps leading up to the ceremony, at the end of the day, they'll be married. She's right, of course, but it was nice to be greeted with a morning like this.
(Some of) the boys enjoyed breakfast together at Pappy's, while the girls were at the salon for hair and makeup appointments. Of course, for the most part, the guys have it pretty easy as far as preparations go. The groom did get a little help from brother-in-law, Bryan, with the tying of his tie. (Rumor has it that Bryan helped most of the guys with their ties.)
Then it was Mom's turn to pin on the boutonniere.
 My baby boy. Getting married.

The girls' room is always a flurry of activity through a cloud of hair spray and the sound of excited chatter. I call this one 'how many bridesmaids does it take to get the bride into her dress?'
Courtney and Adam had chosen to see each other before the ceremony so that they could do most of the photographs with the wedding party around campus. The photographers set up their first look, and caught these cute pix of the special moment.
A kiss with the bell tower in the background.
The bride and groom start their day together.
Their wedding party included their siblings and their spouses, and close friends from high school and college. It was a big, beautiful group.
They went to several campus locations for some cool photos of special places.
The steps of Hovde Hall made a good spot for the group to pose.
Of course, there were some sweet ones of the almost-married couple.

The bell tower is the spot where Adam popped the question last June.
And now, the day had finally arrived!
Next up: The I DOs.


Terri D said...

So lovely!! What a great idea to do pictures like that, before the ceremony. Wonderful memories! Can't wait for your next installment!

Lea said...

Oh, just love seeing the pics and reading the post. I do love weddings, such a special time in the lives of families.

Easter blessings!

Linda Kay said...

Such a beautiful day for the bride and groom...and for you! Have a blessed Easter weekend.

Trina O'Neil said...

So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Weddings are so great and the pictures are perfect. You can truly see the joy in their eyes.