Monday, April 20, 2015

A+C Ever Grateful, Ever True

Adam and Courtney's Purdue wedding was documented by photos taken on or around many of the well-known campus landmarks. We are a family full of Purdue grads, and we are proud and loyal Boilermakers. I wanted to share one more wedding post to wrap things up, although I can't promise that there won't be a mention or a photo in a future post or two. Weddings are just so much fun!

The Boilermaker Special is the official mascot of Purdue University, and celebrates the University's renowned engineering program. (And Adam has an engineering degree!) It was only fitting that we gather the wedding party for a photo on the Special. Toot toot! The Boilermaker Special makes appearances at home and away sporting events, and occasionally shuttles a wedding party around campus. Boiler Up!
The Stew Crew.
Gettin' silly.
The wedding party posed at the 'Gateway to the Future.' An appropriate spot for a new bride and groom to stand on their wedding day.
On the steps of Hovde Hall.
For spring commencements, graduates walk up the steps of Hovde Hall, through the building into Elliot Hall of Music where the graduation ceremony takes place. If I counted right, there are 13 Purdue graduates in the photo!
The bell tower, site of Adam's proposal to Courtney. We're so glad she said yes!
Following the ceremony, they even made a quick stop at the famous Chocolate Shop. Harry's Chocolate Shop. For years, I thought they sold chocolate there. They don't. :)
It is a campus icon. The pastor even posed for a photo behind the bar. She's a good sport. And a Boilermaker.
The guys.
The girls.
The last official stop on the wedding day campus tour was the Purdue Memorial Union for the reception. Courtney's maid of honor and long-time best friend, Chellsey, entertained us with her speech recounting some of the memories they shared together over the years. 
She told about the close relationship she shares with Courtney, and when she first started to realize that there may be something more than friendship between Courtney and Adam.
Chellsey is such a good friend to Courtney and Adam. She planned an awesome bachelorette party, helped Court with lots of little details, and was the designer of their beautiful wedding invitations and programs. She is a talented girl!
Courtney's sister, Britney cleverly wrote her speech on the back of one of the Courtney spirit heads we had used to decorate the rehearsal dinner room.
Her sweet speech was thoughtful and touching, and brought a tear to little sister Courtney's eye.
Britney shared her love and support for Courtney and Adam on their wedding day, and will be getting married herself in a little over a year.
And though sisters grow up and get married, they'll always share that special bond between siblings.

Best man David started out his speech by explaining how he was speaking for all 4 of Adam's older siblings and spouses, and the love they have for Adam and Courtney. Sort of a 'best man by committee.' He told how the 4 brothers had long ago decided that #2 would serve as best man for #1, #3 for #2, #4 for #3, then #1 for #4. He got a laugh by saying that Adam may never get his opportunity since Jonathan has no plans for marriage.
He then pointed out for all the single ladies, a guy who is "super-fun, gainfully employed, home-owner, who does NOT live in his parents' basement!" All in good fun, and with Jon's permission, of course. :)
David shared about the early secrecy of Adam and Courtney's relationship, the grace with which Courtney has joined in on Stewart family game nights (which can get a bit cut-throat intense), and some of Adam's quirks that Courtney will have to endure lovingly embrace.
He told about the closeness he and Adam have always shared, their nicknames "Big" and "Little", their combined seven broken arms, and how David used Adam's cuteness to his advantage when he would send Adam to me to say, "Mommy, I love you, and can David have some friends over?"
When David entered high school, Adam even started sleeping on the floor in David and Andrew's room until Andrew finally moved to Adam's room and David and Adam became roomies.
David shared a fond memory from his college years when he coached the local youth swim team, including Adam and some of his friends (who were present at the wedding). David knew all of Adam's times by heart, and hoped for his success even more than he had for his own when he was swimming.
He talked about Adam and Courtney being awesome individuals, and being even better together. He said that they can "get through anything, conquer anything, and achieve anything, together."

He closed the speech with the following:
In Purdue's fight song there is a line which says, "Ever grateful, ever true", which refers to how those singing feel about the university. I think it is a great motto for a marriage as well: ever grateful, ever true. First, be ever grateful for each other. As I mentioned above, you are both wonderful individuals, so don't take each other for granted. Thank God that you get to spend the rest of your life with someone so awesome, and make sure to tell each other how grateful you are as well. And lastly, be ever true to each other and your marriage. You can do this in a number of ways: be honest, work hard for one another, grow your faith in God together, and love each other unconditionally. May God bless you with health, happiness, and love, and to your marriage, may you always remain ever grateful, ever true.
I think he put it just right (and I can say that, since I'm his mom). :)
It was a beautiful wedding, and a special day in a place with many fond memories for our family. The wedding will be another treasured memory. A marriage is, as we know, more than just a wedding or a day. It is many days of give and take, love and laughter, mountains and valleys, sweat and tears, and lots of prayer. Adam and Courtney are on their way, as they seek to be grateful for the blessings God has given them, for the love and support of family and friends, and for the ways they bring out the best in one another. May they remain true to their God, their wedding vows, and their commitment to love and to cherish all the days of their life. 
Ever grateful, ever true.
Photos by our friends Sarah and Rachel 


Cathy said...

How beautiful! The words and the pictures! God has richly blessed you with such a wonderful Family!!!

Linda Kay said...

Susan, some really fun shots around the campus. And the bride and groom look very happy, indeed.

Terri D said...

A truly perfect venue for such a lovely couple to celebrate the start of their lives together! A special time at a special place with so many special loved ones around them! Perfect!