Monday, April 6, 2015

A+C The Details

Continuing with the wedding theme (if you're still with me), I would like to tell you about all. the. things.

We'll call this one

The Details.

Since the wedding was not in the hometown of the bride or groom, many of the guests who made the trip to WL stayed at the hotel. As many couples do these days, the bride and groom had a little care package to welcome their guests. The box contained bottled water, a salty snack, mints, Advil, and a fabulous sweet chex mix made by Courtney's grandmother. I heard one of the recipients refer to it as 'crack.' So good.
Courtney had a special hanger for her beautiful dress.
Today is her first day back in her classroom after the wedding and spring break. I thought maybe she should hang the hanger in her classroom so her 4th graders will be reminded to call her Mrs. Stewart instead of Miss Apperson. :) I think some of them may have a little trouble remembering her new name, but I'm sure she will be fine with either one. She may have trouble herself, remembering to answer to Mrs. Stewart!
 Her fun shoes that added a pop of color, and complemented her flowers.
 A cool shot of the rings.
 The boys' ties.
The envelope of sweet letters from Courtney's students telling Adam why he should marry Courtney. I heard Courtney read a couple, and they were adorable.
 Her beautiful bridal bouquet.
His socks to match her shoes. The navy, gray, and coral was a beautiful color scheme.
Some of their special touches came from their favorite things. Adam is a bit of a map guy, and they decided to use a globe for their guest book. Nana had an old globe that she gave them, and it worked perfectly. Courtney found this sign on Etsy to put near the globe. 'Because you mean the world to us.'
Guests arriving at the church had the opportunity to sign the guest globe
as well as a guest book containing their engagement photos.
Gray and navy pom poms made for a colorful and enthusiastic exit.
 The bridesmaids' flowers were also beautiful.
The little boys' bow ties and suspenders continued with the color scheme. That's Andrew and Darci's sweet and handsome son Matthew looking so dapper. Love him!
We brought the guest book set-up to the reception in case there were those who didn't get the chance to sign it at the church.

 It turned out so neat, and will be a fun keepsake to have in their home for years to come.
Since Courtney is a teacher, they decided on pencils for the favors. Any leftovers will be used in her classroom! Lol.
The table numbers and floral arrangements were lovely in coral on the navy runners. I loved the hydrangeas.
Sticking with the teacher theme, they also used books as centerpieces on some of the tables. Courtney had several friends and family members on the lookout for navy and coral books for months before the wedding. Our old set of navy encyclopedias made a good base. This blue book even had an appropriate  title. :)
The books were wrapped in ribbon and topped with flowers made from map-printed wrapping paper.
The head table held two of the lanterns that were used throughout the ballroom. The wedding party also got sunglasses at their places. #stewpartyoftwo
One of the special details from the reception was their wedding cake. Adam and Courtney are not really cake lovers, so when it came time to choose a cake, they weren't very enthusiastic. They do, however, like the chocolate chip upside down cake often baked by Adam's Grandma Alberta Stewart. It has been a family favorite for many years. They decided it would be fun to bake it themselves for the wedding, as the first cake they would share as husband and wife. It was also a sweet way to honor the memory of Grandma Stewart. It's a little tricky to get the cake to turn out 'pretty', but I loved that they did it themselves together. I thought it was perfect.
There would be sheet cake later for the rest of the guests, but they cut
 and shared Grandma's cake as a brand new married couple. I think Grandma was smiling.
And each time the cake is baked for a birthday or special occasion, they can taste and remember the vows they said, the family and friends who shared their day, and how sweet it is to love and be loved.


Linda Kay said...

Some cute ideas for the wedding, for sure. I love the hangar for the dress, and the box of sweet things for her. I remember seeing the pink socks and sandals before, and what a trooper he was for wearing pink socks.

Terri D said...

Very creative, very personal, and very beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful memories! I love the idea for their cake. I'm sure Grma Stewart was there!!

Lea said...

So enjoyed all these details, such a personal affair. The cake idea was so neat. Hope they live happily ever after now.