Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sweet Days at Sweetwater

I'll be attempting to do a little catching up on my blog this week. It seems that summer is busy, busy, busy! I like it, but it doesn't give me much time to catch my breath between activities, and I sure don't want to miss anything! I think the saying is, 'No blogging while the sun shines.' Or something like that. :)

We had a sweet weekend at Sweetwater to celebrate Father's Day with Andrew and Darci and our friends the Leach family from Louisville. Haleigh and Ella (and Gumbo) rode to the lake with us on Friday morning to get things started. It was raining when we left, but that didn't dampen our spirits.
The girls got into their suits and enjoyed the little 'beach' our neighbors put in this year.
The rest of the gang arrived in time for supper on Friday, and were anxious to get to tubing when the sun came out on Saturday morning.
 The little girls spent some time on Bucky the pirate ship. Yo ho ho!
Of course, there is also rope swinging and dock jumping and swimming across the cove to be done. Oh to be young and brave! I was young once, but I'm not sure I could have made the jump from the railing or the swing from the rope even then.
It is nice we have neighbors who don't mind us jumping from their high dock. There she goes!
And all that jumping makes kids hungry! Here they are waiting patiently for their lunch to be delivered. Now that's service!
We took a late afternoon ride on the pontoon boat.
Matthew, Riley, and Carter.
Haleigh, Darci, and Ella.
Shelly, Makenna, and Abbi. And Gumbo, of course.
The young dads were celebrating Father's Day with a late afternoon nap back at the house. Good thing we had Grandpa Jim to pilot the boat for us. With a little help from Makenna.
Thankful for fathers and sweet days at Sweetwater.

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Terri D said...

Swee memories being made at your Sweetwater!